Safety For The Wrestlers: Does Taking Fewer Bumps Really Help Them?

ReDevilContributor IIINovember 13, 2010

Over the years we've had countless number of deaths in the wrestling business. The death tolls have sparked a major debate over safety for the wrestlers and it is a topic that should be made aware to the wrestling audience worldwide.

Wrestlers give their heart and soul out every time they go out through the curtain. Wrestling is a physical sport no doubt about it but does taking fewer bumps, especially in WWE right now, help the wrestlers have a long life?

The WWE wrestlers travel over 300 days a year. Every day they are in a different city, a different state or maybe even a different country. The WWE wrestlers probably have traveled more miles than any human being on this planet.

When the wrestlers are away most of them leave behind a family. How must it feel for a wrestler knowing that s/he has no idea what his/her husband/wife is doing? How hard must it be for a wrestler to not be there when his/her child is growing up?

About 99% of the wrestlers are bound to be divorced because things just don't work out between them and their significant ones. This might probably lead to experimenting with drugs and alcohol and that is the biggest factor in the deaths of many wrestlers.The wrestlers also lose half of their money in court battles and that adds up to the emotional distress and depression which leads to drugs.

Every wrestler is out on a battlefield every night when they step inside a squared circle. Careers can be over in a split-second. Wrestlers do not get insurance that easily and if a wrestler is seriously injured then one can assume that his/her life is pretty much ruined.

Many have said it before and it is very true; it's a very risky business. The rewards may be high but only a select few get those rewards and those rewards come at a great price for many.

You might be main-eventing Wrestlemania but you are starting to have problems at your home. Your wife/husband is not happy with you not being around for most of the time and talks about splitting up are coming up. You have a physical job that requires you to take care of another person's body and your head is somewhere else thinking about your family problems.Chances are you might hurt yourself and/or the other person even if they're jumping down on you from just the second rope.

So I believe that the problem lies not inside the ring but mostly outside the ring, in wrestler's personal lives.

Taking small bumps every night for 300 nights will eventually add up. Also with all the traveling their personal lives will just fall apart and that is probably the biggest reason for wrestlers doing drugs.Bottom line is that taking fewer bumps won't do much good for the wrestlers. If WWE really cares about the wrestlers then they need to let go of some of the money and have a less straining work schedule.Doing 2-3 shows a week along with a PPV every six weeks will not be so bad. They can get 150% out of every wrestler on the roster and the product can be better when the wrestlers have a stable life back home.

Also guys like Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle might come back to WWE because of the less traveling and the less demanding work.

So please, Vince McMahon, please try and listen to the silent cries of woes of your wrestlers and make a less demanding work schedule for WWE, so we can see our beloved heroes have a safe and happy life in and outside of your ring.