I Hope Joe Torre Is Laughing, Because He Deserves To!

Erik DianaCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

Let’s face it: the Yankees are finished. There’s officially no hope. Between the horrible pitching all year, the lack of clutch hits, the poor coaching, and atrocious managing, the Yankees should have seen this coming for quite some time. And honestly the situation may not get better for quite a while.

And you know the one man who looks like a genius now? Joe Torre, that’s who! The man should enjoy every moment of watching Brian (the weasel) Cashman’s plans blow up in his face and he should slightly chuckle to himself every time A-Rod can’t cash in RBIs in a clutch spot. The man should be belly-laughing for a long while whether the Dodgers make the playoffs or not!

Here’s why I say this: the Yankees may be a few years away from being dominant even after they spend anywhere from 60 – 95 million upgrading their roster. And why in the world would anyone want to go into that pressure cooker anymore?

And it’s not like the Yankees can have the amazing track record of having Torre defuse powder-keg media issues to reassure potential free agents to alleviate their concerns anymore. Most people thought that playing for Torre was the best experience they ever had!

The heart and soul that resided in that Yankees team in the late 90’s is gone, now that Hank (the Ogre) Steinbrenner and Hal are running the show, who knows when people will have enough respect for them to sign there.

It would only make sense for history to repeat itself and have free agents catered all over town, drive their market price up because they’re talking to the Yankees and sign elsewhere.

Think about it: if you’re CC (not C.C.) Sabathia, why go to the Yankees and pitch to a phenomenal Rays team that will only get better and a meat-grinder of a lineup in Boston? Why not go to a place like the LA Dodgers and play for Torre and really give yourself a chance to rack up a lot of victories?

Seriously, LA, Chicago (Cubs), St. Louis and even a place like Arizona would be much more palatable than being in Yankeeland with one loud-mouthed jackass and some sniveling snake like Cashman running the team (and he may not even be there, which would make Hank the Moron even more potent and toxic)  

Throw in an aging Jeter, Pettitte, Posada, Rivera, Damon, Giambi (who’s doubtful to come back next year), Mike Mussina (who could leave as a free agent), and a grossly overrated Robinson Cano, and you really have self a nasty stew brewing.

The farm system has pitching arms to spare (supposedly) but no real depth anywhere else; this all looks like it could add up to a long postseason drought. Not a Pittsburgh Pirate drought, but it could stretch to 3-4 years theoretically.

Another element to add to this fun recipe is the fact that Joe Girardi hasn’t proven that he can reach this team and he will be on the hot seat by the middle of the year if they continue to flounder, which would make going to manage the Yankees as fun as getting a test for an STD.

Girardi hasn’t been helped by Bobby Meacham at third base and you can really tell the Yankees miss Larry Bowa (especially Robinson Cano).  Girardi simply doesn’t have the people skills that Torre had and it’s beginning to show big time!

And another cynical thought here too: What if Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Andrew Brackman and company aren’t as good as everyone expects them to be? Just because they got acquired by the Yankees gives them no special powers to go out and throw perfect games and magically be able to shut the Red Sox down in a game that matters like it does in September.  

It is the pure and utter arrogance of the Steinbrenner boys that make them prop the farm system up the way they do. All of these guys have walked into the greatness of the Yankees and none of them have earned it the way Rivera, Pettitte, Jeter and Posada did. The younger players are riding the veterans’ coattails and it’s disgusting!

(And you can throw Hank in there as well, he’ll never come close to what his old man has done, but there he is, acting like he’s been a baseball insider for years. He acts like he constructed the dynasty that guys like Gene Michael, Buck Showalter and others laid the foundation for! He’s simply disgusting!)

The one person who deserves to laugh more than anyone about this is Joe Torre. When you think about some of the teams he was handed in 2005 and 2007 it is amazing that they won the division one year and won the Wild Card another year.

He was so rudely exited out of the Yankees organization that karma may be biting the Yankees in the rear a lot like the way it did when Yogi Berra was terribly dismissed from the organization in the 1980’s.

Seriously, I hope Joe Torre enjoys being with the Dodgers. His 4 rings that he won should get him into the Hall of Fame and when he goes in, he should scold that buffoon Hank Steinbrenner and teach the Yankees what class is all about.

When he was with the Yankees they were a classy, dominant juggernaut and now everyone knows it’s not his fault that the Yankees failed to win 12 Words Series titles in a row!

And if he really wanted to stick it to the Yankees organization, he shouldn’t even bother to show up for the inevitable “Joe Torre Day” that will happen after he’s done managing for good! The real “Clueless Joe” is Joe Girardi!