Countdown to CBB Season: 73rd Reason to Be Pumped: The CBB Blogosphere

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

Every day I will give a new reason to be pumped for the upcoming college basketball season. Here's the 73rd reason to be excited for college basketball season.

Everyone knows about the main-stream-media: the ESPN's, CBSportslines's,'s or the Dick Vitale's, Luke Winn's, Gary Parish's, and Jay Bilas's of the world.

They all have their spiel that's made them popular, made them the face of the college basketball media.

But what about the little guys?

The best college basketball information out there for any fan is (for the most part) written not by Andy Katz or Mike DeCourcy, but by Marco Ansksis and Ken Pomeroy.

It's the guys from Rush the Court or Eric Angevine of Storming the Floor

The college basketball blogosphere is as good as it gets and it for any fan, especially the ones dedicated enough to follow this countdown, these websites are ones that need to be frequented.

Storming the Floor is a site run by several college basketball junkies and is widely considered one of the most well known alternative CBB sites on the web; they do the CBB closer for Deadspin.

The guys behind the site, Eric A. and Marco Anskis, have done a great job using their backgrounds in journalism to put together a phenomenal site that details the latest happenings in college basketball.

Weekly conference updates written by very knowledge correspondents keep you updated on the happenings of about ten major conferences.

Funny features like the "Brandon Wright All-Stars" (a segment dealing with bad free throw shooters) and favorite players that produced 7'8'' Kenny George which made him a blogosphere superstar before the main-stream media ever heard of him.

Storming the Floor also has the best rundown of CBB links that I've seen, so reports on dozens of teams are accessible at the click of a link.

Also out there are mind-boggling statistic websites.

RealtimeRPI is as good as it gets; it's free unlike's. Once you get to RealtimeRPI you realize how great it is. There are power rankings for college football, college basketball, women's college basketball. All updated within five minutes of each game finishing!

The site shows what teams are quickly moving up or down the rankings which really shows off what one big win can do for a team.

Also each team and conference has a page. On the team page you can check out the RPI of all the team's opponents, the result of the game, and it'll tell you if the result was a big win or very questionable loss.

The conference pages lists the strength of the conference, strength of schedules, RPIs of each team.

The site is so practical. During my campus TV station's live post game shows, I can get the on air talent current RPIs to have at their disposal.

Finally, the last site I reccommend ya'll use is Ken Pomeroy's statistical website. To put in words what this website brings to this table is basically impossible. It's indescribable.

Any secondary, hardcore statistic you could ever come up with in basketball is there.

Every team is ranked 1 to 341 in each category. Heck every player is ranked in every category. He tells you what teams use their bench the most, even who is the 234th tallest shooting guard.

I used to not be a huge believer that stats can really tell the story of a game, but after exploring his stats, I changed my tune.

Using his tempo analysis and efficiency ratings, I was able to write a preview of the SU/UMASS non-conference game last November and nail it exactly on what was going to happen.

I did it solely with numbers, knowing nothing about UMASS except what I had in front of me.

A couple days later, I did the same with the SU/Washington game.

Trust me on this, these stats are as perfect and useful as you can get.

Bonus site: Almost forgot this one: The Bracket Project.

The guy who runs this site compiles over 50 different bracketologies from across the internet and puts them into a massive matrix. If you want to see where you stand and aren't a fan of Joe Lunardi, check him out you'll get a great feel for where all the bubble teams sit.

So reason number 73 you should be pumped for the college basketball season is the ridiculous amount of great CBB reading material you now know about.