The 2008 Fantasy Football All "That Guy" team

Joe WoodsonContributor IAugust 27, 2008

The “all that guy team” is comprised of those fantasy players that no one really wants but someone always reaches for em early. Basically, the  "all that guy team" is made up of the guys you would have on your team if you let a draft autopick for you by preseason rank or if you kept all your waiver wonders from last year. In short, these are the guys that just make you go “ughhhhhh” for 2008.

QB 1st string - Derek Anderson-  There are guys who think he’ll repeat his success, but with him as the first string QB on the “all that guy team,” I am obviously not one for those guys.

QB 2nd String - Jon Kitna- There is only so much Calvin and Roy can do to make this guy look good.

RB 1st String - Frank Gore- Hardhats on...he’s falling out of first rounds everywhere.

RB 2nd String - Earnest Grahm- Okay, so he had a good year, but is he really a third round pick?

RB 3rd String - Ryan Grant- He is second round material with impending eight man fronts and an eight figure bank account...I think not.

WR 1st String - Wes Welker- He who takes this guy early loses all respect.

WR 2nd String - Greg Jennings- No Favre? No problem.

WR 3rd String - Javon Walker- Thinking about retiring? Essentially rookie qb? No brainer.

TE 1st String - Todd Heap- So much potential every year...and then so much heartbreak.

There you have it...the “all that guy team” if you have any of these players, I would suggest shipping them off before they do something worse to you.


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