IWC: Critics Who Observe the Faults and Errors of Wrestling Organizations

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIINovember 14, 2010

The IWC, also known as the Internet Wrestling Community, is a community of fans who watch all kinds of wrestling organizations, particularly the mainstream WWE and TNA.

The IWC watches these shows weekly or whenever they can and tries to find the faults and errors that these shows contain. They manage to do a good job of finding what is wrong with the product, but pay little attention to what these organizations are doing right. Some good examples of the criticisms of people hating on these organizations are WWE's PG rating and TNA's lack of focus on the young guys.

Now, while I agree with some of the reasons for all the hate that the IWC seems to find with these products, I also disagree on their choice to only view the faults and errors of these companies.

These companies may have a few errors here and there, but the faults of the companies are no reason to overlook the good things these companies provide. The IWC seems to have made a longer list of these companies' faults rather than their strengths.

Here is a compilation of the "faults" that the IWC sees in these companies:



-They have no "real" Tag Team Division

-They have a lack of real "wrestlers" in their Divas Division

-They don't give a damn about the Tag Team or the Divas Division

-They need to give faces such as Rey Mysterio and John Cena an overdue heel turn

-They need to build up more stars

-They need to push some wrestlers more than others

-The PPV cards seem to be lacking in entertainment and wrestling

-There is no real buildup

-There needs to be a long-lasting champion and fewer short-term champions

-The title shouldn't rotate as much

-Storylines are lacking

-More wrestling is needed

-Stand Up for WWE

-Uneven shows (RAW has too many Faces while Smackdown has too many heels)


-Champions need to be treated as champions

-Blood should be allowed to add "realism"

-PG has to go away, bring back TV-14



-Overusing blood

-Need to focus more on young stars than older stars

-Please use originality and no more recycled storylines

-Give the deserving guys a push

-Give the TNA Championship to someone who is most likely not going to go to jail

-Focus more on what put TNA on the map, the X-Division

-Get a bigger financial budget

-Stop hiring worthless people and hire someone useful for once

-Move out of the Impact zone

-Advertise more

-Remove the new ramp, it's too close to the ring 

-Misspelled "THEY'RE HERE" and instead put "THERRRE HERE"

-Need less of "indy" feel

-Don't conclude the show without warning

-Don't conclude the show on TNA Reaction but on TNA Impact!

-Use better entrance themes and entrance videos

-Stop it with the swerves

-Use the people who know how to work


It seems to me as if the IWC really knows a company's faults when they see them.

Now, on to the things these organizations do right, as stated by the IWC.



- Improvisation

-Giving some deserving people a push

-Good angles and above-average storylines (Nexus)

-Good wrestling (only on SmackDown and Superstars)

-Good feuds

-Good entrances/themes/videos



-Tribute to the Troops

-Royal Rumble


-The Undertaker's Streak

-Good farewells/sendoffs most of time (HBK, Ric Flair)



-Decent Tag Team Division

-Decent Knockout Division

-TNA Reaction

-Good wrestlers

-Decent ratings

-Bound For Glory

-Relaxed work schedule

-Fewer injuries

-No more six-sided ring


Are there more faults than strengths? Of course there are!

The reason is the IWC focuses on the faults more than the strengths that these organizations provide their viewers. These organizations do provide some good things, but the IWC can't seem to see this.

Why is that? Is it because the problems are more obvious to the viewers than the strengths? If they are, then why doesn't the IWC do something to fix them instead of complaining?

If the IWC can't help fix the problems, then they shouldn't complain, because complaining only makes things worse. Just sit back and enjoy the show and maybe, just maybe, these companies may start making progress and start heading in the right direction. But until then, don't complain, because these products may never improve if they always have someone telling them what to do and what not to do.

No company's perfect, even if one of them has Mr. Perfect's son.


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