NBA Favors Celtics: Changes the Game From Exciting To Disgusting

David WangAnalyst INovember 11, 2010

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Ever since Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce teamed up together in Boston, the NBA has been changed.  At least in recent memory.  But somehow, the NBA loves them.

They are endorsed by those who run the league and everything goes towards them. And it's getting more obvious with the emergence of another Big Three...the Miami Heat.

I agree, Boston Celtics are a great basketball team.  They give up egos for teamwork, they play hard-nosed defense and they execute.  But don't you think sometimes they get away with a little too much?  

The things they get away don't show up in the box score directly.  They are the little things that people often ignore, but can change the pace of the game dramatically.

People call them game-changers, and they are mostly defined by fast-break dunks, spectacular blocks, and long scoring runs.

Did anyone think a wrong foul call, so wrong that even an amateur basketball fan can tell, could change a game and even change a franchise?

That's exactly what has been occurring with the new Boston Celtics and it has become more and more obvious.  In their first championship run against the Lakers, there were so many debatable calls that even Mark Cuban decided to shut up and not complain about the NBA.  

Okay, maybe he didn't even bother watching, but in the latest seasons, Celtics are obviously getting away with a lot of calls and illegal actions.

For one, Kevin Garnett is the king of moving picks.  And he gets away with them unless it is so clear that it seems like KG is gliding on the floor.  

These calls are extremely important because a big part of the Celtics offense is pick and roll, and if the refs are letting them operate their offense through moving screens, then it simply shows that the NBA wants them to get points, in whichever way they want.

This became increasingly obvious in the NBA Finals last year against Lakers.  Does someone want to keep the game fair?

Start calling the illegal screen!

Secondly, the Celtics are given the right to play dirty.  That's right, play dirty.  The calls made against other typical NBA teams won't ever get called against the Celtics.

A hard foul by one or more Celtics players against the same player is just a foul, regardless of how hard it is.  But a hard foul like that could easily be called a flagrant foul when it is committed by other teams.

In addition, the NBA should really tell Kevin Garnett to shut up and have "sportsmanship."  Didn't the NBA decide to up the technical fouls to promote sportsmanship?

Didn't the NBA introduce the dress code to improve the reputation of NBA?  Well, how about Kevin Garnett? Compared to Ron Artest, who has cleaned himself up so much that nobody can say anything bad about him, KG should be a disgrace to NBA.

I have never hated him.  I've always thought he was an excellent player and perhaps one of the best power forwards in NBA history.  But KG's trash talk is over the top.

Did you hear about KG and Charlie Villanueva's recent beef?

How many times have you heard Charlie Villanueva criticize another player? Would you believe KG or Charlie V? I think Charlie V.

NBA needs to clean up KG's acts.  And his bad sportsmanship is spreading throughout the Celtics, including youngster Rajon Rondo, who has been involved in numerous fights and altercations in the playoffs.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the Celtics are getting calls their way in the most important moments in the game.  Against the Lakers last year, they had calls going their way almost from the tip-off in Game 7.  And this year against the Heat, it is so brutally obvious I have finally decided to say something.

Especially when I'm watching the Heat vs. Celtics today.

Towards the end of the third quarter, Heat made a great run, cutting the Celtics lead to 10.  Then LeBron gets called an offensive foul for an illegal screen in the backcourt to stop Rondo from chasing Dwyane Wade.  Oh yeah, in the backcourt.

I'm not trying to side with Heat, and I have no problem with some of the charging calls Heat were called.

But that call was so disgustingly wrong that I have to say something about it.

LeBron moved his position just before Wade made it there, and he was completely stable when Rondo ran into him.  You can surely make a case that LeBron wasn't still.  But if you look at the replay, you know that shouldn't have been the call.  

Basically, the Heat was automatically prevented an initiation of offense and Celtics was rewarded a free offense, of which they scored.

That was a huge change in momentum.  The crowd was going crazy, Heat was getting out in the break.  And then there's that call.

And you want to argue that the NBA game is ruled fairly?

No way.

The NBA endorses Celtics almost as the image of the NBA.  And it is getting so obvious it is getting disgusting.  They want to clean up the sportsmanship, but yet they allow the Celtics to play in the 80's style.  

I love the basketball in the 80's, but you need to keep it consistent.  If you're going to let that type of play, then let all 30 teams play like that.

Either there is some sort of deals being made behind closed doors, or the NBA is simply subjectively judged.

Please explain it to me.


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