Cecil Newton: How to Destroy Your Son's College Football Career

In Simmons' FootstepsContributor IApril 1, 2017

The month of November has not been a good one for Auburn's junior quarterback, Cameron Newton.  Well, football-wise it's been a good month: Newton led the Tigers to their 10th win of the season over Chattanooga.  Off the field, however, has been a whole other story.

Earlier in the month, a former Mississippi State quarterback accused Cam Newton and his father of asking for a certain amount of money in order to come play for the Bulldogs. 

Days later, we saw accusations of Newton cheating academically while he was at the University of Florida (where he got in trouble for stealing a laptop).

Yesterday, it was revealed that Cam and his father, Cecil, admitted over phone conversations that Cam would "play for pay," as ESPN coined it.

Now, we hear that Cecil Newton asked for between $100,000 and $180,000 to get his son to play at Mississippi State. 

All of this is taking place while the Auburn Tigers are in contention for a national title game.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But with all of these allegations, one has to wonder why they would be made up.


To Cecil Newton

Let me start by saying that you are setting a great example for your son.  College athletes who receive scholarships are earning enough with that alone: a free education.  That's arguably $100,000 right there.  But to ask for more money from the school?  That's just wrong.

Listen; your son did not exactly get off on the right foot.  He stole (or bought stolen property) a $1000+ laptop and then destroyed it when the authorities were searching for it.  Naturally, he was suspended from the team temporarily but was soon welcomed back.  Entering his sophomore season, Tim Tebow decided to return for his senior season, so you and Cam decided a transfer was the right move.

You and Cam chose Blinn College (TX), where Cam led the Buccaneers to the 2009 NCJAA National Football Championship.  Cam was ranked the No. 1 QB prospect of 2010 for junior college or high school players.  You were a happy father.

Apparently that wasn't enough though.  Apparently colleges lining up to get Cam to come and play for them weren't enough.  No.  It had to go deeper than that.

Obviously, you would hope that these allegations aren't true, but if they are, you'll just be the jerk that ruined his son's college football career.


To Cameron Newton

A part of me feels sorry for you, but another part does not.  You're trying to lead your team to a national championship, and have had nothing but distractions in doing so.  On the other hand, you could have told your dad that the opportunity to play the game that you love was enough—money was not necessary. 

You definitely better hope these allegations aren't true.  A national title could depend on it.