WWE vs. TNA: Let The Bidding Wars Begin

Alevyn ShareefContributor IAugust 27, 2008

Let The Bidding Wars Begin

Gone are the days of there being one major wrestling promotion in America. The WWE may act like they don't feel the pressure of TNA, but it's to a point they cannot simply ignore them anymore. 

A few years ago if a wrestler left the WWE, you probably wouldn't have much of a chance of seeing them perform anymore. Now if a wrestler is released from a company, there's a big chance you will see them at the rival promotions show.

As a wrestling fan, seeing the two sides grabbing wrestlers out of spite for the other company, you know that competition is heating up. This could get very entertaining soon as some big names are on the list of potential ship-jumpers.

This is almost like a NBA offseason when you wonder what team will your favorite player sign with—the only difference is you don't have to wait months to continue watching the sport.

If this is a war, then WWE may have fired the first warning shot with Gail Kim and R-Truth. If they make big impact in the companies then it would really look like TNA dropped the ball on them. As a matter of fact, you have to think that TNA is hurt about losing Gail Kim after putting so much effort into their X-Division.

Mick Foley is, without a doubt, a future Hall of Famer. From the looks of things it's pretty obvious that he will be leaving the WWE to TNA when his contract expires in a couple of days. Acquiring him could be one of the biggest shots that TNA can fire right now.

From a wrestling standpoint, he's probably beyond his years as a title contender, but for a ratings standpoint having Mick Foley in the ring again gives TNA plenty of superstar status. Some may tune in just to see Mick Foley and nothing else.

Plus, Foley has never been one to keep a tight lip about how he feels on a issue he could very well cut a shoot promo on the WWE that alone could give TNA a lot of viewers.

Rumors of Team 3D coming back to WWE have been going on for months. Unlike most wrestlers who are well known in a tag team and eventually want to make a name of their own, Team 3D seems pretty content with being remembered as one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

Looking at the current tag teams on the WWE, they could use that veteran coach to help out the young guys. The biggest thing with them is does the WWE want them back? Randy Orton recently went on record for his dislike for Brother Ray the WWE may not want to risk angering one of there top stars for them to return.

Orton isn't the only one not a fan of Brother Ray and D'Von may just be guilty by association.

Christian Cage hasn't been very happy with the booking in TNA as of late, and to make matters worse his contract is almost up. This could be the biggest loss TNA could take as he reached a bit more star power in TNA than in the WWE.

When he first left WWE, he was burnt out of the heavy schedule and wanted to do some acting. He hasn't done much of it and that motivation for not wanting to stay with WWE may be gone. There's no doubt that WWE would want to use him now that he is a bigger star then he ever was.

If it comes down to a money issue, TNA will lose as they just started seeing profit. But since a lot of wrestlers with big names don't want a huge schedule or just not on good terms with the WWE, TNA has a pretty decent shot of grabbing some names.