College Football Picks Week 11: How Will Top Teams Fare This Weekend?

Ben GriffyCorrespondent INovember 11, 2010

College Football Picks Week 11: How Will Top Teams Fare This Weekend?

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    Anybody who has looked over this weekend's college football games knows that there aren't too many competitive matches to look forward to.

    That may be great if your college is going to be on the winning end of a lopsided scorebut might take the fun out of watching for a true fan of the game.

    That being said, here are a few games that have good storylines. Tune in to these games and try not to get bored!

No. 1 Oregon at Cal

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    While Cal fans all over the country are looking forward to a second “band is on the field” ending, Oregon will stomp on Jeff Tedford’s Bears.

    Cal is becoming competitive again in the Pac-10, but just can’t keep up with the pace of Oregon’s offense.

No. 2 Auburn vs. Georgia

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    Do you think that if someone slips a $20 into the Auburn locker room, Cam Newton will throw the game?


    The question is, how will he react to the pressure of an NCAA investigation? Were it not for his problems off the field, bribes and trickery would be the only way the Bulldogs would stand a chance in this one.

No. 5 LSU vs LA-Monroe

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    James Madison already beat a ranked team this season.

    Think a second president can beat a good football program? I doubt it.

    But if you like scores that look like the national debt clock, this is the game for you.

No. 12 Alabama vs. No. 19 Mississippi State

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    Will Alabama be able to recover from a disheartening loss against LSU last weekend?

    If I were a betting man, I’d say so.

    Many were predicting Alabama would regain the No. 2 ranking in the country, and they’ll be out for blood after losing.

No. 18 Arizona vs. USC

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    In Lane Kiffin’s first season, the Trojans have been mediocre.

    But Matt Barkley is a monster at the quarterback position, and Arizona is reeling from a loss at Stanford. With a win, USC regains the third-best record in the Pac-10.

    Should be a fun game to watch.

No. 22 Florida vs. No. 23 South Carolina

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    This could be termed the Steve Spurrier bowl.

    The man who brought Florida to national prominence is back this weekend. His Gamecocks are playing for an opportunity to compete in the SEC championship game.

    Both teams have underperformed this season.