The Forgotten Ones: Green Bay Packers

An'dre TriplettCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

First, let me start by saying that I am a card carrying member of the Chicago Bears Nation. Writing this article will be like pulling teeth in some sorts but remaining objective and giving coverage to all teams is a writer's responsibility.

Now that the Brett Favre circus has moved on to the Big Apple, the Packers have been trying to put together a football team that can hopefully return to the NFC championship.

My question is this: Why aren't writers showing any love for the Packers with their preseason picks? 

The pick-du-jour so far has been the Minnesota Vikings. Vic Carucci, Thomas George, Pat Kirwan, and Gil Brandt of NFL.COM all picked the Vikings in their NFC North divisional preview. Have they forgotten about the Packers?

Yes, the Packers may have questions at the quarterback (QB) position, but they certainly don't have more questions than the Vikings do with Tarvaris Jackson running the show for the Vikings.

It seems as if the national writers are forgetting about the Pack. The Packers and their supporters may like it just that way.

Mr. Favre has moved on, so I guess the sentiment of a few writers is out of sight, out of mind. Well, as a Bears fan, I can say that the Packers haven't been forgotten by me or my fellow Bears fans.

We were brutalized by #4 for years, so his departure doesn't necessarily make Bears fans mad. But it is interesting to see that people are picking the Vikings to win the division.

Aaron Rodgers has yet to show what he can do at the NFL level, having never started a game, but I believe he has a quarterback's best friend lined up right behind him. That friend I speak of is named Ryan Grant. 

One would think that teams are going to start the season by stacking the box (line of scrimmage) with eight defenders and dare Rodgers to throw to any Green Bay receiver. This may backfire should teams try it and here's why:

Aaron Rodgers may have never started a game for the Packers, but he learned what to do and not to do by watching Brett Favre for the last four years. He should be fully versed in what throws to make or not make, and just like Favre he may try and force a throw here and there. 

However, I've seen Tarvaris Jackson make some questionable throws in his young career, but the Vikings are still being picked to finish first in the division by prognosticator's. Rodgers has a stronger arm and reads the defense better in my opinion, so advantage Packers.

The reason for the Vikings being picked to finish first is probably the defense. Their defense is one of the better units in the league, so they will have to carry the offense as opposing teams' defenses may have figured out the beast that is Adrian Peterson.

So, Green Bay Packers fans, don't worry, I've got you covered with my picks and here's how they look:

1st: Green Bay (Rodgers is less of a question than Jackson is.)

2nd: Minnesota (Defense wins championships but will they be tired the second half of the year with the offense going three and out)?

3rd: Chicago (Too many question marks on offense with Orton, Forte, LT (John St. Clair)

4th: Detroit (Calvin Johnson & Roy Williams....then who? Plus lack of running game)

Packers fans, don't worry as I've not forgotten about your team up there. Good luck during this year's campaign "Cheeseheads"!


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