Squared Circle: How It Should Have Happened (Triple H Vs. Orton 2004/05 Edition)

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Squared Circle: How It Should Have Happened (Triple H Vs. Orton 2004/05 Edition)

Everyone who watches wrestling has those moment where they watch a match and know it should have ended differently. Whether it was the result of a match or the way a story played out every fan has their own opinion on how it could have been better.

That what this article from Squared Circle is all about. Certain points in time have been selected from the Triple H vs. Randy Orton feud of 2004-05.

Certain stand out parts of this particular story will be under observation and suggestions will be made as to how the feud could have been better if some alterations were made.

This rivalry was seen as the ultimate form of burial. Triple H who had already shown huge dominance on Raw for the past two years began to compete with the hottest new main eventer on the scene, Randy Orton.

Orton had spent the year being successful on the mid-card with one of the longest Intercontinental Championship reigns of the 21st century and had high-profile victories over RVD, Edge and Shawn Michaels.

During August 2004 the point we had all waited for had arrived. Triple H and Randy Orton were enemies. The once allies of Evolution were both main eventers and fighting for world championship gold. It had the potential to be the greatest feuds of recent times.

Instead Triple H dominated Orton at almost every turn and made him look weak. The damage was so bad that Orton would not be a true World title contender until 2007 when he was awarded the WWE Championship.

So lets look at the major points of this feud and see if Squared Circle can come up with something slightly better.

Remember: This is only a matter of opinion. By no means am I say events should have actually followed my guidance. It is just to show that WWE had multiple opportunities to turn around this dreadful series of mistakes.

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