Antonio Margarito and His Camp Backpedal As Fast As They Can After Mocking Roach

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 11, 2010

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 28:   Freddie Roach (Coach of Manny Pacquiao) plays darts to promote their 'World Junior Welterweight Championship Fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas' at the New Inn on February 28, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)
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After Antonio Margarito, Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia mocked Parkinson’s disease, they are in full damage control.

Instead of owning-up to doing some foolish things, they are backpedaling as fast as they can, but Freddie Roach isn’t buying it one bit.

Michael Rosenthal wrote a story for The Ring and Roach had a lot to say in it, here is a sample:

"They made fun of me. It shows what kind of guys they are. ... The thing is, this is something boxers can get because it’s trauma related. They [Margarito and Rios] are in this sport and they don’t have good defenses. I just hope it doesn’t happen to them. I hope they don’t have to live my life."

As stated earlier, the Margarito camp is trying to spin it in a positive way and act like they did nothing wrong. This is a snippet of what Garcia had to say:

"It happened. I can’t do anything about it now. That’s why I apologized. It wasn’t right. I feel bad about it. We never meant to make fun of him or anyone else with Parkinson’s disease. That’s not me. People know I don’t talk bad about anyone."

The problem with that statement is it happened and Garcia is that kind of guy and he does talk bad about people. Rios said that he is sorry and that he wouldn’t want to insult anyone with a disease.

The problem there of course is that he did make fun of someone with a disease and Margarito uses the tactic that he was trying to say Roach is scared about this upcoming Saturday.

The most shameful defense is Garcia saying that Rios didn’t know Roach has Parkinson’s:

"He didn't know Freddie Roach had a disease. He thought that it was from those 13 losses that Freddie Roach had as a boxer."

That basically means that Rios believes you get tremors if you have double-digit losses? I don’t want to bash anyone here, but is Rios an idiot? At this point it seems that way to me.

At any rate Roach isn’t buying any of this garbage:

"Do I believe that they didn't know that I had Parkinson's? Please. That's an excuse. It wasn't really an apology, it was just a cover-up. Robert Garcia is not a classy guy. He's not a good guy. He's a fake, and that's all that I have to say. Brandon Rios is a good young fighter, and I like him for that, and so forth, but as a person, he's an ass."

There are people that say this isn’t a big deal but it is. This isn’t about being politically correct or getting up on a high horse. This is something that I would rather not have to write about.

This isn’t typical boxing trash-talking or hyping a fight. This is a pointless, hurtful, shameful, personal attack on someone that has a serious disease.

This isn’t Muhammad Ali calling Joe Frazier a gorilla or something Edison Miranda would say. There is no point to this and it adds nothing to the overall fight or what is going to happen in the ring.

They also are mocking everyone who follows boxing by calling us stupid. If you believe any of the excuses they made up you are gullible. There is no way they didn’t or whatever excuse they gave us.

To not own up to is even more of a disgrace. You made a mistake just own up to it and move on with you career. This seems about par the course for Margarito but hopefully Rios can move away from this.

He is a young exciting all action fighter and one that I like to watch but this dent his reputation with me.

Garcia is a gifted up and coming trainer and hopefully he can move past this as well.

Margarito will hopefully fade away after this fight because he didn’t earn this shot and is a low life.

I am not a Roach fan at all but I applaud him by not snapping back and saying something unnecessary to them. No matter what happens in the ring this Saturday he is the real winner.


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