You Be The Judge: Canada's Second Anthem

G PCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

As all Canadian Hockey fans know, just over two months ago, in the first week of June, CBC balked and lost the rights to one of the most cherished songs in Canadian history—the anthem to our beloved "Hockey Night in Canada."

CTV scooped up the rights as fast as they could get them. Lucky for us, we will still be able to hear the song when we watch Hockey on TSN. Still, it will always remind me of Saturday nights waiting for hockey—whether the first game of the year or the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I'm happy the song lives on.

Meanwhile, CBC has opened the competition to us, the fans. We are to create a new anthem for HNIC. At first I thought this seemed gimmicky, and a terrible idea. Upon further thought, I realized this is a HUGE assignment. Not only do you have the chance to win $100,000, but your song could end up being the the song future generations hum when they are waiting for hockey to start on Saturday night.

Like most people who watched the Olympic coverage on CBC, I was inundated with the constant commercials promoting this challenge, as well as samples of songs being considered.

I had been meaning to check out the Anthem Challenge website to see some of the entries. I finally did it this morning and realized that the most viewed potential anthem had only 125,000 hits. 125,000?

Now, I know there are more Canadian hockey fans—or even hockey fans in general—who should be listening to these anthems in preparation to vote on our next anthem. It's time to start promoting this more. The voting starts in October.

Also, if you are the least bit musically inclined, you still have four days, if you count today, to submit an entry and potentially "become a part of hockey history"—and 100 G's richer.

The regular season is a little more than a month away. It's time to start listening to these songs, voting on your favorites, and doing basically anything to tide you over for this last, and longest month without hockey. (I know I've tried everything else.)

I'm getting excited.

Top Three viewed from this past week: (Only 7500 for the top viewed anthem... come on people)

  1. "HNiC Generation Next"
  2. "MotorHockeyLeague"
  3. "The Thrill Of It All"

Voting starts October 4, 2008