WWE Survivor Series: 8 Potential Endings for Wade Barrett Vs Randy Orton

Jobdone@JoeJobdoneContributor INovember 11, 2010

WWE Survivor Series: 8 Potential Endings for Wade Barrett Vs Randy Orton

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    Let's be logical for a second. There's only so many ways the Barrett vs Orton match can go at Survivor Series (barring any particularly "genius" ideas from the creative team). So I've decided to make a quick little slideshow with the various ways I think it'll go down.

    In case you haven't been following recently, as it currently stands if John Cena doesn't make the 1-2-3 so that Barrett wins the championship, he'll get fired. However, if he does make the count and basically gifts Barrett the title, he's free from Nexus forever.

    There's no real "most likely to least likely" order, just what I think could happen.

The Miz Cashes In

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    Barrett wins.

    Cena is released from his servitude, adjusts Wade's attitude and Miz runs in with the briefcase to find himself on top of the mountain.

    Personally, not a huge fan. It weakens not only Orton's title reign, but makes Barrett look like a joke as well. The only plus would be Miz lording it over everyone through some thoroughly entertaining promos.

    (All props to Hamster Fan for reminding me about the Miz)

Otunga Turns

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    You know it's really hard to find a David Otunga picture where he's not with his wife. Says all you need to know really
    You know it's really hard to find a David Otunga picture where he's not with his wife. Says all you need to know really

    They've been hinting it, the IWC has been predicting it and I've been slightly amused by Otunga's voice when he's pissed off.

    This entire idea revolves around development thinking Otunga is good enough to go out on his own, because he sure as hell hasn't made many allies. I personally don't see it happening at Survivor Series, but it's still a possibility.

Cena Is Knocked Out

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    I know, I know.

    The idea of Cena being knocked out is about as believable as world peace, or a successful John Morrison push. But stay with me.

    Cena is knocked out in some manner (miniature nuclear assault? I don't know, somehow) and has to be escorted to the back or just lay on the outside for a bit. A fair ref runs down the ramp and begins to officiate properly.

    Orton wins, Barrett bitches at Cena for a while on the following Raw and tries to fire him but it all goes a bit wrong. Possibly because of a revealed anonymous GM. Or, a fact that seems to have been forgotten recently, the idea that Barrett can't randomly control matches/hiring/firings.

Cena Makes the Count

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    The simple answer.

    Cena makes the count, takes the hit of letting Barrett win and promises the crowd that HE WON'T GIVE UP UNTIL NEXUS IS TAKEN DOWN. He'll probably throw his Cenation hat into the crowd at the end of it.

    Not a huge fan of this choice, because it makes Orton's reign a bit of a joke and also because it means more, YEAH I'M CENA AND I CAN'T BE STOPPED.

Cena Gets Fired

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    Cena refuses to “give up," counts for Orton and gets fired. The following weeks are spent as underdog Cena fights against the big machine, refusing to lay down for anybody, AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE BEC—

    Sorry. I slipped back a decade or so there. It must just be the shock of this storyline being so blatantly original.

Barrett Wins, New GM Is Revealed

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    (If the new GM turns out to be Michael Cole, I know an awful lot of children that are going to get kicked in the face)
    (If the new GM turns out to be Michael Cole, I know an awful lot of children that are going to get kicked in the face)

    Barrett wins using his underhanded tactics and all that jazz. He celebrates in the ring, laughing at a distressed Cena.

    Music blares. Hopefully familiar. But “Who is the GM?” is for another article entirely, and has been written about many, many times.

    Someone walks out and announces themselves as the REAL anonymous GM, and the one that has helped Nexus has been a fraud or a similarly idiotic cop out.

    He states how this match was never sanctioned yadda-yadda-yadda, Barrett is stripped of the title.

    Cena is released from captivity, and Nexus focuses on the new GM.

Triple H Returns

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    Imagine the moment.

    Orton stands above a defeated Barrett. Cena looks torn between being fired and what's right. Orton covers. Cena kneels down to begin the count.

    IT'S TIME TO THE PLAY THE GAME blasts over the speakers. The crowd is in uproar.

    Triple H runs down to the ring, smashes Orton in the face with a sledgehammer, takes out Cena just after he rings the bell for disqualification and raises Barrett to his feet. They embrace, proving Triple H the mastermind all along.

    There are three issues with this:

    1. There have been no rumours or anything about this occurring. So it really is just a shot in the dark that I made up.
    2. It'll greatly weaken Barrett's character and, in turn, all of the Nexus members. Going from potential champ to puppet is a nice recipe for push disaster, unless Triple H slips into more of a Ric Flair/mentor kinda position.
    3. Triple H wants to be a face for his kids.

    A slightly twist on this idea might be that Triple H is the new GM, hence why he's been helping Nexus quite a lot.

    And now finally...

Cena Turns

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    Heel Cena

    The thing that almost every member of the IWC has been drooling over since the start of this entire angle.

    It looks until the last minute that Cena is gonna screw over Barrett. AND THEN NO. Orton is pinned, Cena counts, Barrett is champion. They embrace. The sound of a hundred weeping children is heard in the background. The sound of hundreds of parents trying to essentially deal with "Santa is now a serial killer" follows.

    I'm not entirely sure how it will help. I doubt his moveset will change much, it's not like Austin/Michaels/Taker/Triple H/Hogan/etc. ever got infused with a new love for the sport and learned 15 new moves whenever they flip flopped between face and heel.

    What's his motivation?

    1. "The fans never appreciated me." I guess a little, but it's not like he's universally hated.

    2. "I met with Barrett's bosses and they were very persuasive." More puppeted Nexus. Awesome.

    3. "I'm a dick. Accept it." Actually I'd be okay with this.

    Anyway, what can he do? "Haha, foolish children, you believed me when I said 'Never give up?' ALWAYS GIVE UP."

    I doubt they're going start spouting that message.

    Though on the other hand if this does happen...well it'll be damned entertaining if nothing else, and it'd be my pick of the lot.

Well, That's It

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    So those are my ideas about potential endings for the Survivor Series match.

    It's my first slide show, so feel free to yell insults at me, or alternatively, lather me with praise via great, soapy compliments.

    Or just feel thoroughly neutral and apathetic enough to do nothing.

    Or stick your own idea of how the match will end in the comments section.

    Whatever you choose to do, I hope you enjoyed the article.