Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito: 10 Ways Manny Can Make History...Again

Justin DavisContributor INovember 11, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito: 10 Ways Manny Can Make History...Again

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    When Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring to face Antonio Margarito for the WBC junior middleweight title, he will be seeking to make history again. Pacquiao will be going to win a world title in a record eighth division, breaking the seven he previously set. Pacquiao will also be seeking to become the second heaviest champion from the Phillipines since Ceferano Garcia held the middleweight title from 1939-1940.

    Antonio Margarito stands between the Pac-Man and his quest for pugilistic immortality with an agenda of his own. Margarito seeks redemption from the events that have tainted his career. Margarito defeating Pacquiao in Texas will be the kind of redemption that will rejuvenate his career and get him into mega-fight discussions among boxing experts.

    There are many who believe the Pac-Man will prove to be too much for Margarito. While they might be right, on November 13th both of these gladitors must lace up their gloves and do what they have done for years. Fight.

    It would be unwise for Pacquiao to underestimate the danger in the challenge that lays ahead of him. Also in particular order are the 10 things Pacquiao must do to make history again.

1. Use Hand and Foot Speed To His Advantage

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    While Margarito has the size advantage, Pacquiao has the edge in speed and speed kills. Pacquiao will need to make sure he gets to Margarito first, often and then gone before the larger man can retaliate. Speed can nullify the physical disadvantages that Pacquiao faces here. Just ask Oscar De La Hoya.

2. Do Not Underestimate Margarito

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    Margarito is going to be extremely motivated for this fight. He's trained hard and is in perhaps the best shape of his career. Pacquiao needs to make sure he doesn't take this fight too lightly. Mike Tyson can offer better advice on that one.

3. Don't Allow Margarito To Trap Him on the Ropes

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    Margarito's plan is going to be to cut off the ring and perhaps trap Pacquiao along the ropes where he can score a knockdown by accumulation. Pacquiao can't allow himself to fall for that. He needs to use his footspeed to side step Margarito and if he finds himself on the ropes slide down and step to the side. Pacquiao would also be wise to throw a couple of left hooks as he executes this move as well to back up Margarito and create space to operate.

4. Take Advantage of Margarito's Slow Start

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    Margarito generally is a slow starter. He takes a couple of rounds to warm up and get going. Pacquiao can take advantage of this and build a lead on the scorecards. Margarito will feel the pressure and press for a knockout. Pacquiao can ensure it's too little, too late if he maintains scoring at will against a pressing Margarito.

5. Listen To Freddie Roach

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    Okay so maybe this one is obvious. Pacquiao and Roach have been working together for many years. Pacquiao is a great fighter, but Roach has trained many champions. Let's not forget that on fight night.

6. Use The Margarito and Rios Mocking Video As Fuel

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    The saying goes you shouldn't fight someone who's angrier than you. Margarito and Brandon Rios poking fun at Pacquiao's long time trainer Roach's condition may have done just that. If Pacquiao wasn't already motivated enough, Margarito may have provided the fuel for an extra incentive. In other words, now Pacquiao is angrier than Margarito. Let the bodies hit the floor!

7. Use Experience To Advantage

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    Over time Pacquiao has collected quite a few scalps from world class fighters south of the border. J.M. Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, David Diaz and Margarito share one thing in common besides their Mexican heritage. They all possess the style that Pacquiao devours. He can use this experience, plus that of Roach to his advantage.


8. Use Style To Advantage

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    No style is not his speed or other gifts he possesses over Margarito. Pacquiao is not your traditional slick southpaw, but rather an unorthodox  left handed fighter. Most guys rarely face southpaws in their careers. A southpaw like Pacquiao is something you'll see once in a lifetime. There's the advantage, now use it.

9. Remember a Shot at Pugilistic Immortality Is at Stake

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    Aforementioned in this article is that Pacquiao is aiming to become the second heaviest boxing world champion from the Phillipines. That's history. Pacquiao has already set the record for number of divisions one fighter has held a world title in with seven. If he reaches eight, that's pugilistic immortality. What would cement his legacy would be later facing and beating Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

10. Force Margarito To Fall Victim To the Pacquiao Mystique

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    Yes you guessed it.This is not serious. It sounded good though, right? On a more serious note, most Pacquiao opponents do at some point fall victim to the "Pacquiao Mystique." The "Pacquiao Mystique"overwhelmed Hatton in two rounds and rendered Oscar De La Hoya completely useless. So how does this "Pacquiao Mystique" even come about? It's magic!


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    Manny Pacquiao may easily beat Margarito as he has done many opponents before. He might not. In order to keep the mega marquee fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr alive he has to win. Plain and simple.