Is The Sports Page Dead?

Dan BooneSenior Analyst IAugust 27, 2008

Newspapers are on life support.

Sports pages are being slain.

Even well paid Jay Mariotti has fled the print sports section scene.

Often, Loki laughs, the jester is prophet.

The Old Grey Lady, the slumping New York Times, revenue was down 10.1% in July.

Are wordsmiths embedded at newspapers going the way of blacksmiths?

Is the constantly updated Net, with sites like Bleacher Report, the new fangled Model-T blowing by the bed-fuddled blacksmiths, standing in hot horse crap and wondering what the hell this invention is going to mean to his horse and carriage business? 

Sadly,it seems like new papers are doomed.

They been dead a while and just don't know it.

Instant messages, net access everywhere, cell phone sports updates, and the seemingly hundreds of cable sports shows been beamed to fans 24 hours a day has created a sports sensory over load.

Its an ESPN world, we just live in it.

It seems the NFL has more television talking heads babbling endlessly about every minute move of each football team than there are players in the league.

Gone forever are the days of Damon Runyon and his slightly seedy ilk.

Those golden days have gone for quite a while but the next dying dinosaurs are the sports writers that don't transition into television talking heads or paid web contributors.

Same sad song for the doomed news reporters.

Expired like an out of date afternoon extra.

News is old nowadays in five minutes. Five minute net news cycles, how does a paper compete with that?

They don't. They dwindle and die.

Evolve or die!

Its been a slow inevitable painful death for papers.

Each way they try to adapt—new technology makes them instantly outdated.

No one reads. They post-game Monday sports columns anymore when the net has hundreds of post-game articles and comments Sunday night. And television has countless babbling "expert" heads offering immediate analysis.

No wonder Bill Belichick's so cranky. Everyone's an instant expert.

Each price raise the papers desperately make to survive erodes their dwindling readership base.

Newspapers are doomed.

I, for one, will miss them.

Nothing like grabbing a pulp paper like the NY Post to read at lunch, or taking the Philadelphia Daily News to Happy Hour to check the sports lines.

Those tabloids still stuff themselves with scantily clad comely women. Sex sells so they will survive for a while. Sports and news coverages in papers though are just not relevant anymore.

Clicking through phone updates in a sports bar isn't quite as fun as pouring over a paper.

And if a beer is spilled on a paper, no problem, a phone big problem.

Adapt to survive, it's an ancient evolutionary rule.

Gunpowder, shocking knights in shining armor.

Ironclads, splintering wooden ships.

Machine guns, meeting the massed calvary charge.

The cassette collapsing against the CD.

The VHS going quietly into the DVD filled night.

Print is the dying Dodo bird of the media.

American manufacturing and newspapers both nearly done in a generation.

Who would have thought it?

Should have asked a blacksmith.

Or a doomed dodo mock the midnight bell.

But, where do you find one?


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    Iconic Sports Illustrated Writer Deford Dies at Age 78

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