The 20 Coolest Kids In Sports

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2010

The 20 Coolest Kids In Sports

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    For most of us, our love affair with the world of sports started when we were kids

    We were rooting for teams long before we even knew how the sport was played.

    As a little girl watching her die-hard Cleveland Browns fan of a father scream at those boys in black and gold on the television, I naturally became a Pittsburgh Steelers supporter at a very young age.

    Little kids wear their hearts on their sleeves (especially when it comes to sports), and we love every moment of it.

    Here we have videos of the 20 coolest kids in sports.

20. Auburn Store

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    This little boy really doesn't like Auburn!

    I think I recall having the same reaction to a certain store in Ann Arbor, Michigan...

19. Phillies Celebration

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    He might not even be old enough to form complete sentences, but this little Phillies fan can sure get a crowd going!

18. Yankees Fan

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    When was the last time a grown man has cried during a Yankees game?...

    Oh wait.

17. Flasher

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    Call her inappropriate, but this chick is just trying to make that little boy happy!

    I think it worked.

16. Baby Drinks Beer

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    I'm going to give the parents of this child the benefit of the doubt and assume that there isn't actually beer in that bottle.

15. Eagles Fan

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    Now that's just cruel.

    This kid thought he was in some deep trouble, but surprise!

    Eagles tickets.

14. LeBron Jr

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    Will LeBron James' son be as talented as his father?

    One thing is for sure:

    I sure hope he handles media attention as gracefully as his dad.

13. Packers Kid

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    Hopefully this kid develops some better powers of persuasion as he gets older.

    "I don't want to go out with you."

    "Yes you DOOOOOO!"

12. Little Ben

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    This little boy really knows his football, and I wonder how he learned about the "Cowgirls" and the "Viqueens."

11. Adam Peterson

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    Honestly, I think this kid be talking about dirt, and he would still be just really excited to be there.

10. Little Ron Washington

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    Play Ball!

9. Giants Fan

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    "No, mom! You're not allowed to sing with me!"

    I bet this little kid is pretty happy right about now.

8. Steelers Kids

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    Ah yes.

    Pittsburgh is going to win the Super Bowl.

    Smart kids.

7. Ravens Fan

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    The hate in the AFC North starts very, very young.

6. Browns Fan

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    See what I mean?

    Don't worry little girl. I feel the same way about driving through Cleveland.

5. Little Girl Hates Pens

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    No need to apologize.

    You tell 'em, sister!

4. Little Tiger Woods

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    Tiger Woods was so cute and innocent at two-years-old.

    What the hell happened?

3. Pats Fan

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    I wonder how Tom Brady feels about a child talking about his "cute buttox."

2. Colts Fan

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    Wow. This kid is just amazing.

    I doubt that many adult Colts fans can run through the entire roster like this three year old.

1. Peyton Manning

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    Get out of the way, Cooper.

    Nobody cares!

    There you go, Raider Nation. You have to love Peyton Manning!