Fantasy Football Week 10 Quarterbacks: Bradford, McCoy and Tebow Waiver Wire Studs?

Gladys Louise TylerContributor INovember 10, 2010

Sam Bradford the eyes of waiver wire stud
Sam Bradford the eyes of waiver wire studJ. Meric/Getty Images

Week 10 is upon us so your fantasy team is either suffering from a myriad of injuries you could not predict, hamstrings, concussions and ineptness, (although not technically an injury spreads through a team like the bubonic plague…Cowboys anyone?) bye weeks and now Thursday night games. 


But my current concern is with back–up quarterbacks.  More specifically rookie quarterbacks who are owned in less than half of the fantasy leagues according to CBS fantasy tracker.  So are they worth picking up on the waiver for that injury and apathy you couldn’t draft against? 


Let’s start with number one:


Sam Bradford

The number one overall pick by the Saint Louis Rams is owned in 58% of fantasy leagues.  Does that mean that 42% of you have two quarterbacks better than Bradford?  Although losing his number one receiver for the season, Bradford has demonstrated great he is not a one trick pony. 

Yes, it helps to have Steven Jackson to hand the ball to, but in his last three games Bradford has five touchdowns and no interceptions.  He is not going to gain you major fantasy points by amassing large quantities of yardage, (see aforementioned Steven Jackson) but his touchdown to interception ratio in his last three outings definitely warrants waiver wire consideration.  

This week he plays San Francisco 49ers, who are also coming off a bye week.  There are worse options than Bradford. This week you should have better optioins, so get him and hold him.


Colt McCoy

McCoy waited for the third-round to be drafted.  Then he waited for two quarterbacks before him to go down with  injuries.  According to CBS Fantasy tracker he is owned in 8% of the fantasy football leagues. 

In week 9 against the Patriots McCoy completed 14 of 19 passes for 174 yards and ran for 20 yards with one touchdown.  Yes, he is in a system that doesn’t quite fit his style but his quick release and ability to scamper around and his fearlessness make him desirable as a number two quarterback.  This week the Browns play the Jets, not the best match-up, but I said the same when they played the Steelers and McCoy held up better than most.


Tim Tebow

Tebow is owned in 4% of fantasy leagues and I am guessing this is purely on name recognition, likability and the ever-present hopefulness.  Although, to give the man his due, he has two rushing touchdowns and seems to be a fixture in the Broncos version of the wildcat. 

And hey, he is writing a memoir. But as a waiver wire option and first round draft pick…child please.  There is a lingering hope that because the Broncos season is less than ideal Tebow may see more time, but as a fantasy option, wait for the memoir.


Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike

Child please…

Clausen is owned in 4% of fantasy leagues so I imagine there are a lot of Notre Dame fans who play fantasy football.  Carolina is down to its number three running back,(who does look like a good waiver wire pick up),  Steve Smith has the most dropped passes in his division and this week they play an angry Tampa Bay Bucs team that has something to prove. 

To date, Clausen has one touchdown and four interceptions and was pulled in the fourth quarter of the last game after coming in for an injured Matt Moore.  Fox hasn’t announced whether he will start Clausen or Pike. Either way, start the Bucs defense.