WWE: 27-Year Veteran Announces His Retirement From Wrestling

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IINovember 10, 2010

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At a WWE live event in London on Tuesday night, 10-year WWE star William Regal announced that he would be retiring shortly.

Regal is currently a part of WWE's tour across Europe, which according to him will be his last active tour. Regal played the babyface at last night's Raw live event (whether he wanted to or not due to the support he always gets in London), and after that match he stood before an adoring crowd and had the following to say:

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much from all of the WWE Superstars to each and every one of you, for coming out and supporting us each and every week and every year, when we come here. There's something, just a little over 27 years that I've been doing this now. As you can see, there's an incredible, wonderful crop of WWE Superstars coming up. Maybe this is my last tour, so thank you very much. Please, believe me, this is a wonderful way to end it all. Thank you."

Regal started his career in the Carnival Circuit in England aged 15, he then competed worldwide before joining WCW in 1993, winning four championships. In 2000, he joined WWE where he became commissioner and earned a further 15 titles.

Despite being misused over the last couple of years, Regal recently penned a new 42-month contract that will keep him with the company until 2014, though obviously he will now work either behind the scenes or as an inactive on-screen character.  

To view the video (be quick!) click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XEorZmM7t58

Personally, I am a big Regal fan as he was the guy who got me watching wrestling to begin with in England, with his regular appearances on Channel 4 on Sunday Night Heat.

Though it is a sad moment, I believe it to be the right decision for Regal. I cannot see him receiving another push, and really he will probably work a lot better behind the scenes training the new generation of wrestlers.

Or, even better, he could be announced as Raw's general manager.

Either way, the man is a legend in the business and deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. A real-life gentleman who can celebrate a successful career.