Fishing 101: Choosing Between Bait-Casting Outfits and Spinning

Jess KContributor IIINovember 10, 2010

The simplest fishing gear that beginners usually are referred to is either a spinning reel and rod combination or a spin-cast combo as operating these fishing reels is usually rather simple. Because of this, spinning tackle is usually a staple among fishermen. While some are happy to stick with that, others venture into the world of bait casting. So then, which reel can be considered better, the baitcasting reel or the spinning reel? Well, that all depends upon personal preference.  

Size for size, casting rods tend to have more of a backbone than the standard spinning rod. When it is manufactured correctly, the backbone of a casting rod will be able to lie right on the blank while the angler is holding the rod. This allows the reel to rip through weeds while also ensures a sturdier hook set then a spinning rod can offer in these conditions.  

With the introduction of braided fishing lines, some issues came to light. While this incredibly thin line can be temperamental on baitcasting reels due to how thin it is, spinning tackle seems to be able to let this line shine. Many manufacturers make spinning reels that can pick up the line onto the spool so that it doesn’t cram itself on the spool during a hook set.  

From a saltwater standpoint, anglers that use baitcasting gear will be seen fishing the arena parts inshore. The constant use of the artificial lures in the backwaters combined with

fishing reels that can withstand the rough conditions of saltwater have meant that baitcasting reels are rather popular to many saltwater anglers. Whereas spinning tackle that is designed for saltwater purposes is often bigger than the ones that you would choose for freshwater fishing.  

Any angler that is trying to decide between baitcasting or spinning tackle should take a look at their own methods of

fishing before making a decision. The lighted the line that is needed in particular fishing situations could be a determining factor. The lighter the line you opt for, chances are you would be happier and more productive with spinning tackle. 

Therefore there is no simple way to establish one of these reels as better than the other. You will first need to determine where it is you tend to like to fish as well as with which kind of line. When it comes down to it, this will actually make your decision for you.