Why Georgia won't even win the SEC this year

Nick ColonSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2016

Florida is the best team in the nation.

As hard as this may be to swallow for all you NCAA football fans, the fact remains that Tim Tebow is leading Florida this year, and he still does have options.

Quite frankly, even if he didn't he would still probably run for the TD.

Anyway, it seems as though in the preseason rankings, for all intents and purposes, Georgia is the top dog (no pun intended). But as the season unfolds, it's easy to see why the Bulldogs will succumb to a tough schedule.

Their first tough test comes early in October, and doesn't get any easier with three out of four games all being against serious BCS contenders in Tennessee, LSU, and Florida. I will say that the winner of the match up in Jacksonville that weekend will be the front runner for the BCS Championship game.

However, it's tough to see Georgia coming out of that weekend without one or two losses on the season.

Please Bulldog fans, don't misunderstand me. This looks like a team that has all the makings to become SEC Champions, and BCS-bound. I just don't see their schedule allowing them to come out of the first week of November spotless.

This doesn't mean that other teams such as USC or LSU won't suffer a blemish as well. USC's first loss may come as early as Oregon, or as late as California, but it will come.  As for LSU, I can't see them coming out of October without a loss to either Georgia or Florida.

Though it sounds as simple as 1-2-3, Florida's road to the title won't be that easy either, however I think they have the best QB in the nation with Tim Tebow, and that should be enough to take them to the bowl.

I could be wrong, and I have been before, but Florida is tough to beat. Flat out. And until someone proves me wrong, they are the favorites to win.

So Bulldog fans, I ask you: Will your team be the one to step up and claim victory? Or will it be like previous years, and you crumble beneath other SEC adversaries?

If history proves itself, the former will take place, but that's why they play the games, right? Good luck NCAA football fans.