ECW Recap 8/26/08 or Sure, ECW Can Have A Scramble Match Too

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

ECW just finished another edition, so like usual, it's time to find out what worked and what didn't.

The opening was the exact way a talking segment should work.  Tiffany introduces Teddy Long who then announces the ECW Scramble match at Unforgiven.  Why not have three of the same match, that's never been tested in front of a live audience, on the same night.  Long says that there will be qualifier matches for the four open spots.  Which is very interesting because that means RAW was the only show to hand pick their competitors.  ECW and Smackdown let the wrestlers work for it.  As soon as Long finished his announcement, Matt Hardy comes out for the opening match against John Morrison.  This match was unbelievable.  These two put on a pay per view quality match over the right to fight at a pay per view.  They held nothing back and really set the pace for the rest of the evening.  Matt Hardy is beyond over with the fans.  They picked some great spots and did the momentum shift right before a commercial break, which is always the best time.  You need to have a cliffhanger in the match to keep people interested during the break.  This match showed an incredible fighting spirit from both men and really built both of them up.  These are the types of matches that should be happening in the company.  Matches were both men look great no matter who wins.  The ending was perfect with Matt Hardy countering the Moon Light Drive into the Twist of Fate.  The only problem I had with the match was the fact that both men were wearing long pants that matched.  I can only imagine in the arena, how hard it must have been to tell them apart.  It's also sad to see that Morrison won't be involved in the pay per view.

Teddy Long and Mark Henry have some words backstage.  Henry is the first champion to complain about the Scramble.  This works great because he's the only heel champion and someone needs to express the match in a negative way.  Henry also showed us in this promo that he's still not good at talking.  He needs some more practice which he will hopefully get if remains champion.

But next we have The Miz versus Evan Bourne in the next qualifier for the Scramble.  It's an interesting match up and it's strange to see The Miz as the veteran in the ring.  Overall, a solid match up.  The fans seemed to really appreciate this match as they're all behind Bourne and hate Miz.  This match also showed the fighting spirit that these two have.  If they keep this up, this could be the gimmick for the entire locker room and it would work.  The end sees Miz hitting the Reality Check on Bourne.  Bourne is amazing to watch and I can't wait to see how far he goes in the WWE.

Chavo Guerrero versus Tommy Dreamer is next.  This match was alright.  Not the best that these two can put on, but not the worst either.  The end sees Chavo push Dreamer into Bam Neely and hitting the frog splash.  Interesting idea if they plan on going somewhere with this.  Hopefully, they're slowly turning Chavo and Neely against each other.  It looks like the subtle hints that could begin a nice program.  An interesting note about this match.  Matt Striker mentioned Mil Mascaras, who, if I'm correct, has never worked for the WWE.  Last week he also mentioned the Dragon Gate Dojo in California.  It seems that Vince is starting to open up to the idea that other promotions exist.

A Smackdown Your Vote promo airs again tonight.  Like I said before, this is a great move by the WWE to help get the younger audience to be more involved with politics.  What's interesting is the fact that they ran a different video tonight than on RAW last night.  It's a smart move, that way they can keep the audience interested in what they're saying as opposed to boring them with the same video.

The main event had no right being in the main event.  Finlay versus Mike Knox in the last qualifier for the night.  Now, this match should have happened at Unforgiven and not on TV.  They've been building this feud for sometime now and for it to be thrown into the Scramble storyline is very disrespectful to the two men involved.  With that said, Finlay already lost a qualifier to Shelton Benjamin on Friday.  Why does he get to qualify again?  Granted, it's a different title, but that's not the point.  The point is Finlay got two chances and no one else did.  This match was a good test for Knox to see if he could keep up with the smash mouth style that Finlay has.  I'd say he did pretty well.  Knox proved that he's a hard hitter by keeping pace with Finlay.  The match was average at best but it shouldn't have been the main event.  Any of the other matches in the night were far more exciting and should have closed the show.  The match ends in typical Finlay fashion, with a shillelagh.  Nothing to impressive from Finlay this time around, which is sad really.  He seems to be slowing himself down to work a face style match now.

Overall, a pretty good show.  Everything but the main event was dead on.  Although they shouldn't be doing three Scramble matches at unforgiven, I'm actually looking forward to all of them.  They're doing a good job selling it.  My Rating: B+