Memo To Alex Rodriguez: You Should Have Stayed in Texas

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Memo To Alex Rodriguez: You Should Have Stayed in Texas

You wanted more money.

You wanted more fame and recognition.

You wanted to be a hero.

You wanted to win World Championships.

How's that working out for you, A-Rod?

This morning, the New York Post called you out, talking about how you needed to come up big in this crucial series against the hated Red Sox. So how do you respond? Let's take a look at your line from tonight:

0-for-5, 2 K, 2GIDP, and 7 LOB.

Way to come up big under pressure. I mean, Come on, two inning-ending double plays?

Probably doesn't help your cause that you struck out to end the game. Or that Yankees fans were booing you every time you touched the ball from the sixth inning on.

Remember that time you got called out for interference when you slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's hand? Yeah, no one else forgot that either.

That whole "being a hero" bit is going really well, right? How many championships have you won with the Yankees?

Over the last few seasons, you have been booed more often than Jose Mesa in Philadelphia. Paparazzi follow you everywhere, documenting the ruin of your marriage.

Now half of that huge contract you signed will go to your ex-wife. You got caught with a stripper in Toronto and with a woman old enough to be your mother. How do you like being publicly recognized now?

Now, you decided to subject yourself to all this. You had a no-trade clause in Texas. You had all of the control in your hands. You didn't have to come to New York; in fact, you should've stayed put.

Who cares if you didn't win anything down there; you showed the world that you didn't care about winning when you went there from Seattle. Didn't Seattle set the record for regular-season wins the year after you left?

In Texas, no one would've cared how many times you struck out with the bases loaded; it's not like they were going to go to the playoffs anyway. And I doubt the media down there would have staked out the strip clubs or, for that matter, Madonna's apartment.

Even though you have that shiny, new $300 million contract, you should know by now that it's much easier being the highest-paid player in baseball when you don't have to worry about that whole "winning" thing.

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