Auburn is 10-0 with the Toughest Two Games Coming Up Next

John ReevesContributor IINovember 8, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 6:  Quarterback Cam Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers sets to pass against the Chattanooga Mocs November 6, 2010 at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In my lifetime as an Auburn fan, I've only seen two perfect seasons.

In 1993 Auburn went undefeated, but couldn't play for the national championship because of probation; then again in 2004, where they again weren't given the chance to play for the championship.

I have asked myself over and over which of those teams were best.

While I still am undecided on that, I believe this season's Tigers aren't the total team either of those two were. Then again, neither one of those team had a single guy who takes over like Cam Newton does.

Every team we played after Clemson knew that Newton was our offense. Not one of those teams ever got remotely close to stopping him.

Now the defense had been horrible. I seriously doubt there has ever been a team undefeated with a defense ranking 50th or worse.

Auburn is ranked 91st in pass defense. Teams have averaged 241 yards a game passing the football. We're giving up average of 100+ per game.

It would have been better to play Georgia in the beginning of the season, before A.J. Green came back. They have really been a totally different team with him back.

Georgia throws the football and we can't stop the pass. That doesn't look too good for the Tigers.

The real question is can we score with them? I believe we can and will. Something like the Arkansas game is what I'm expecting.

Going into Tuscaloosa isn't easy for anyone, but especially not Auburn. Saban is reminding those guys that Auburn is a way to salvage their season.

Here is the interesting part: Do we want Alabama to beat LSU and wrap up the west title, or do we want Alabama to loose again putting us in a two game must-win situation for the west?

If Alabama looses to LSU there will be even more pressure on Auburn to beat them. Not just because it's a team we should beat, but because there will be more footage on just how to beat them.

This week is starting a two week revenge run. We lost both of these games a year ago. Every player from last year's team should remember the two defeats. The secondary needs to take a long hard look at what their improvement means to the team.

Auburn has one of the most explosive offenses. I thought we had a chance for good season, but I thought we'd have a better pass defense, as well as a better rushing attack. The receivers as a whole have played well, but Darvin Adams has played below my expectation.

Emory Blake has really came into his own this season. The wide receivers are going to be tough to beat. The end-arounds have worked well for Auburn, so we must see plenty of them in the next two weeks.

Auburn has one of the fastest offenses in the league. I thought Florida had more speed than us coming into the season, but at this point I'm not very sure. McCalebb might be the fastest back in the SEC.

It hasn't been in the game plan, but Auburn would make a great option team. The offensive line is very good, the running backs are fast, and the QB is big, fast, and mobile.

It might not be a bad idea if they put a option play out there in the next two weeks. It's something they wouldn't be expecting.



I don't believe Georgia has an answer for Newton. The pass defense for the Bulldogs is pretty good, not great, but still better than ours.

We have to play fast, not just with the play calling, but also with McCalebb, Dyer and Fannin.

Fairley has to apply constant pressure up the middle. The timing on passing routes must be affected by the pass-rush. That will help the secondary out some, and we've been able to do it all season long. The pass-rush is by far our best attribute on defense.

Auburn 49, Georgia 37