Five Reasons Why I Hate College Football

Scuba SteveContributor IAugust 26, 2008

Don't let the title fool you, I love college football as much as the next guy.  In fact, to reassure you of my fanhood, I have missed one UGA home game in the last 16 years and that was last year due to strep throat—and if I wasn't planning my funeral, I would have been there. 

Now then, while I love gameday, there are certain aspects of it I just can't stand.

5. The BCS—Nuf said.

4. Lee Corso and Lou Holtz—Why don't we just dig Harry Caray up and turn the show into a three ring circus?  I don't know if I've ever heard people speak with such utter lack of intelligence.  Most UGA fans complain about Gameday not visiting Athens in 10 years, but I'm perfectly alright with keeping Corso out of the state of Georgia.

3. Sorority Girls—"BLASPHEMY!" That just went through your mind didn't it? There's nothing I love more than a sweet girl from Athens in a cocktail dress...until game time. 

I swear if I haven't to listen to one more girl ask what a first down, I-formation, or safety is, I will willingly let Tim Tebow run me over at full speed. 

Come on ladies, we all appreciate your good looks and charm but please, if you're going to sit in your seat and gossip the whole game, I'd rather you give your ticket to somebody who actually wants to watch the game.

2. Low Class Fans—I'm not talking about the "we're gonna run all over you guys today!" taunts around the grill before the game.  I mean the kind of fans that make you feel ashamed to have as a comrade. 

You've all seen it, the fans in the row below you ragging on the two guys who came to support their FCS team to the point where they just leave.  College football is not about things like this.  College football is about tradition and sportsmanship.

1.  Losing—Need I even attempt to explain this?  You know the feeling.  The point in the game where you start telling God you'll be in church every Sunday for the rest of your life if He will let you win this game.  And then time runs out and that cold, heavy feeling creeps into your stomach and you hope you've been dreaming.