NFL '08: The Playoffs 5 Months In Advance

Corey McSweeneyAnalyst IAugust 26, 2008

Well, this article was supposed to come out last Friday, but I had to move it back to this week. Last night I wrote the whole freaking thing, tagged and bagged it, hit the publish button, and my internet died, short story long, it didn't take. The sucker didn't publish. It hurt so much I couldn't write it again until now. (Alright, it didn't hurt that bad.)

I know at least 600 people that are losing their minds waiting for football to start up (ok, 550), and know how much the playoffs excite people when they roll around, so I'm going to be nice and give you a sneak peek. 

If you have read my divisional previews, you can basically tell who I've picked for the postseason, but if you haven't read them, heres how I have it all breaking down. 

Your NFC representatives will be Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans and Seattle with the Giants and the Eagles as your wild cards. 

In the AFC you will see New England, Indianapolis, San Diego and Cleveland getting at least one home game with Jacksonville and the Jets picking up the last two spots. 

In the wild card round, you will see Seattle hosting the Giants, the Eagles traveling to the Big Easy, Jacksonville playing in Cleveland and the Chargers hosting the Jets. 

I see three road teams winning their games (Really, I do). Seattle does play fantastic at home, but I got to believe the Giants will win at least one playoff game after their amazing run last year. The two AFC roadies will win too. If Jacksonville can win twice in Pittsburgh in a given year, they certainly can thump the Browns with their physical defense. I also see the Jets stealing a game up in San Diego. With the news of Shawne Merriman bum knee, I think that their defense just will not be the same. If you couple the huge percentage of the teams total sacks that Merriman creates with no replacement even close to his ability, you have just spelled trouble, I mean, big trouble. If they want any of the success people think they'll achieve this year, Philip Rivers has to come up huge. Personally, I just don't see it happening. They never should have gotten rid of Brees. Speaking of Drew, his Saints will be the wild card outlier and handle the Eagles easily in the dome with their high octane offense. 

On to the divisional games. You will see both matchups for the third time this year. The Jets will head to New England and Jacksonville goes to Indy. The next part saddens me. As much as I love the Colts, I can't bring myself to pick them. I just have a feeling that the Jags get over the hump this year and move past the Colts. However, New England will easily handle the Jets in their game. Brett Favre will not have enough magic to lead Gang Green past the Mean Machine. I want to cry again. 

In the NFC, the Giants will play at Dallas again in this round, but I don't see the same result. If you read my NFC East preview, the Cowboys remind me of the Colts from a few years ago. We all remember what happened there. I see it again. The Cowboys are on a mission. The Vikings will be able to handle the Saints, with their explosive running game trumping the Saints fantastic passing attack. 

The championship rounds brings one extremely exciting matchup to me. Dallas-Minnesota. Can we just eliminate the two AFC teams and play these two in the Super Bowl? I mean seriously, think about it. AD vs. Marion the Barbarian. Romo and Owens vs. the Vikings defense. Dallas' O-line vs the trio of Williams, Williams and Allen (sounds like a crappy law firm). The possibilities are endless. I think Dallas takes it. 

Jacksonville at New England is a whole different being compared to the NFC matchup. These two are so methodical that it's hard to watch sometimes. Granted, Brady to Moss can provide excitement, but if I see another ten yard cross to Wes Welker or a five yard dump off to Kevin Faulk or Fred Taylor rambling for three tough yards, somebody will have to keep track of my whereabouts. (Kidding). In the end, I think New England will put away the Jags. I got to believe that the Belichick will figure out a way to stop the Jags running tandem and gamble on Garrard's arm beating his defense. 

That leaves us with the Big One. Dallas vs. New England in Tampa Bay. This one will get some sick ratings. We saw a preview last year, or I should say, the Mid Season Offensive Bonanza! Seriously, there was no defense played in that game, especially by Dallas. I got to believe that the play a little this game, and if they do, that they will finish off New England. This team's hungry for success while New England seems to get bored with their success sometimes, which will be their fatal flaw in this game. 

Well, there you go. Dallas is my preseason Super Bowl pick. With that, I look forward to hearing from you. 

One more thing. I kind of lied to you. I said this was going to be my last NFL preview this year, but I have one more coming (Settle down). I will be releasing a "bold predictions" article sometime soon. Stay tuned.