Auburn Football: Cam Newton, Tigers Perform Admirably Amidst Allegations

Eric LewisContributor INovember 8, 2010

Auburn fans show their love for Cam
Auburn fans show their love for CamAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Enough Already! There is no "cam-spiracy" at Auburn and no "cam-gate" on the plains. Nothing illegal or wrong has been done at Auburn, and no evidence against the university or Cam Newton will ever come to light. Is it not time to move on to the real matters at hand?

I have shied away from this topic because it is one of the most deplorable things that could happen for Cam Newton and the Auburn football team. I'll say one thing and I pray those who vote for the Heisman Trophy come across these words:

If Cam Newton continues to put up big numbers, he will deserve to win the Heisman Trophy. If voters realize this but do not vote for him, each one of them will live with regret because no evidence will ever come to light against Cam Newton.

Voting Cam Newton for the Heisman will be the right thing to do. It would be better for him to win the Heisman, only to have it taken away if he is guilty than it would be for him not to win the Heisman and live the rest of his life without a shred of evidence ever being found against Auburn University and Cameron Newton

If you have been under a rock lately, a former Mississippi State player by the name of Kenny Rogers was claiming to represent Cam Newton, and he allegedly sought $180,000 from Mississippi State in return for the quarterback's services. Rogers has denied the allegations, but if they are untrue, why did Mississippi State report the matter to the NCAA?

Also, Cam Newton and Cam Newton's family have denied any involvement with Kenny Rogers.

If there is one thing I hope Americans understand, it is the fact that this story involves Mississippi State. Unfortunately, when it is discussed in the media, pictures of Cam Newton pop up and he is wearing an Auburn jersey. Some people naturally assume that Auburn must have paid more money because Cam Newton chose to be a Tiger. Hogwash! 

It took no money to convince Cam Newton to come to Auburn. Newton chose Auburn University because it gave him the best chance to do what he is doing now. When Newton decided to be a Tiger, he did so because he liked the family atmosphere, and he believed in the coaching staff. I'm sure Newton also realized that Auburn would give him a better spotlight.

Before Saturday's game against the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Newton explained that he was blessed to be at Auburn. When Newton was asked about the difficulty of the past few days, he simply stated that everything has been all right, that he has had worse days and that God has continually blessed him throughout.

When Newton took the field Saturday, he showed no signs of stress. The Auburn quarterback threw four touchdowns passes and ran for a fifth, directing the offense to 48 first half points. All of Newton's stats came in the first two quarters, as he did not take a single snap following half time.

The Tennessee-Chattanooga Moccasins were certainly an inferior team, but here and there, the few playmakers on their roster managed to put on a good show.

The Moccasin defense was able to sack Newton, on three occasions, and their offense was able to move the ball fairly well at times against the Tiger second and third string defense.

Saturday was Homecoming for the Auburn Tigers and likewise, Senior Day. Mario Fannin is one Auburn senior who certainly shined on Senior Day, racking up 96 yards on eight carries and rushing for two touchdowns.

Running back, Mike Dyer, carried the ball only four times for 76 yards, however, his last run of the day, a 37-yard scamper for a touchdown, put him only 31 yards away from breaking Bo Jackson's all-time freshman rushing record.

Ontario McCalebb only touched the ball twice against Tennessee-Chattanooga, but his contribution was certainly not lackluster. McCalebb had the most exciting run of the day when he went for a 49-yard burst in the second quarter to score a touchdown.

The running game numbers were down a little because the passing attack of Cam Newton was so effective. At the end of the day, wide receiver, Terrell Zachery had seven catches for 148 yards and a touchdown, and receiver, Darvin Adams had four catches for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Emory Blake also had a nice day, adding 45 yards on three receptions and a touchdown.

Special teams is the one component of Auburn football at which I have harped on all year. In the second quarter of Saturday's game, Tennessee-Chattanooga exploited Auburn's special teams unit for a 98-yard kick-off return for a touchdown. This type of thing must not...cannot happen from here on out.

One of the best moves of the day by Auburn special teams coach, Jay Boulware, occurred after Auburn punter, Steven Clark shanked a 19-yard punt off the side of his foot. Clark has struggled recently and as a result, he was replaced by Ryan Shoemaker, who belted a 37-yard punt on his first attempt.

Because the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide fell to the Bayou Bengal Tigers of LSU, the Auburn Tigers are now playing for a shot an SEC West Title. In order to win the west, Auburn simply needs to beat Georgia or Alabama, or of course, both.

Auburn can beat Georgia and lose to Alabama and still win the SEC West. These are the matters at hand for the Auburn Tigers, and this block of business is what, I hope, will be discussed in the media over the next few weeks.

Folks, Cam Newton is playing his heart out down on the plains of Auburn. He is a great young man who has more talent than most and as a result, someone may have tried to exploit him in order to make money. Let the facts be known—it did not happen at Auburn.

Mississippi State has not done anything wrong. Auburn has not done anything wrong. Most importantly, Heisman hopeful, Cameron Newton, has not done anything wrong.

The only money that exchanged hands recently was the $75,000 paid to Coach Gene Chizik. That's right! Chizik was awarded a bonus for earning his 10th victory of the year. Should Auburn go on to win the SEC Championship, Chizik will earn an extra $100,000.

If Chizik can coach his Tigers to victory over the Crimson Tide, I say pay him the $100,000 anyway!

Now. Can we move forward?

Can we put the "cam-spiracy" to rest and talk about football?