Tazz: To Hell and Back To Smackdown!

Kyle BeanContributor IAugust 26, 2008

Taz. "Human Suplex Machine". "The World's Best Color Commentator". Nicknames aside, where has Peter Senerchia gone?

Taz began his career with the ORIGINAL ECW, performing mainly out of Philadelphia. There was not a more feared name in the business at that time than Taz.

Taz implemented many original suplexes called "Tazplexes" and his infamous "Tazmission" submission maneuver. After a roller coaster career with a sinking ECW, Taz signed with WWE in 1999 as Tazz.

After a few months with WWE, Taz was involved in one of the most complex matches in the business to date. Tazz, a contracted WWE wrestler, faced off against ECW Champion Mike Awesome, who at the time was a contracted WCW wrestler, for the ECW Title.

Tazz won the match, then 10 days later lost it graciously to Tommy Dreamer.

Tazz never held any major titles in WWE, but he did leave an impact, or is for that matter. With his injuries mounting, Tazz could no longer perform in the ring, so he began doing color commentary on Sunday Night Heat.

When the company split into two brands, Tazz was assigned as the color commentator on the Smackdown! brand. Those who are fans of Smackdown! appreciate Tazz's ability to make matches more interesting than they actually were.

Having a color commentator who was a former Champion helps out quite a bit, unless you are JBL. Smackdown!'s ratings were progressively dropping when JBL stepped in for Tazz after he left to be a commentator on re-vamped ECW.

Since his move to ECW, Tazz has slowly faded away. After Joey Styles left the table for a position with WWE.com, Mike Adamle joined up with Tazz. After receiving so much heat for his lackluster commentary, Adamle left the table right before a main event match, and Tazz followed.

Now with Adamle stumbling around as acting RAW General Manager, and Tazz taking Mick Foley's spot on Smackdown!

ECW is left with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at the table. Even though Tazz began his career with ECW, it feels more like home now that Tazz is back with Smackdown!