Oklahoma Sooners Left Searching for Answers After Road Loss To Aggies

Luke McConnellCorrespondent INovember 8, 2010

I waited until Sunday night to write this so that my emotions would die down, so that I could seriously look at just what happened last night in College Station with a clear conscience. 

There is no way to explain what has been happening to the Oklahoma Sooners on the road, both this year and in the past. 

They’ve played bad, they’ve played sloppily, they’ve played undisciplined, and worst of all, they’ve lost football games. 

Both conference road games the Sooners have played this season they have lost, in large part to getting off to poor starts and never being able to fully recover from the momentum that the opposition gains from the big starts.  

Against Missouri, the Tigers took the opening kickoff to the house, a disastrous start for any team, but especially for a team on the road against a team that is extremely fired up to be playing Oklahoma.

Saturday, the Sooners committed a personal foul on the opening kickoff then proceeded to snap the first ball over quarterback Landry Jones’ head resulting in a safety. Three plays later, Texas A&M had scored a touchdown putting the Aggies up 9-0. 

OU came back in third quarter to make the score 19-17 but flopped in the fourth quarter to lose 33-19. 

That’s another issue for the Sooners this year that hasn’t been there in the past.  Oklahoma has been outscored 91-32 in the fourth quarter this season and 30-8 in the two road losses at A&M and Missouri.

There is no excuse for a team the caliber of Oklahoma to be performing this poorly on the road. Some of the best players in the country play for the Sooners, so the talent is there in large quantities. 

Another thing that makes great recruits great is their ability to dominate the game mentally. The best players not only have talent, but also have a great handle on the game mentally and are not rattled in tough environments such as Kyle Field.

The Sooners have these types of players, but it’s not showing at all. They need to figure things out and fast, or the season could get ugly. 

I have no answers and it doesn’t look like the team does either. All that is known is that this team struggles on the road for no apparent reason. 

As my high school’s volleyball coach would say, “Fix it. NOW!”