David Carr Takes More Hits Than A Pinata But It's Osi That Gets It The Worst

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IAugust 26, 2008

Preseason games are meaningless.  Except for times when bragging rights are at stake.  Even bigger an exception when you share a stadium with another team.  Such was the case of the annual preseason meeting between the New York Giants and New York Jets, which ended in a 10-7 Jets victory.  However, the Giants lost more than the game.  The defending Super Bowl champions lost their lone Pro Bowler, Osi Umenyiora, for the entire season.

During the tame it was reported that the player who caught Brett Favre’s first touchdown as a Jet had him autograph the ball for him.  Which got me pondering.  Corey Webster, the man who intercepted Favre in the NFC Championship game that led to the game winning field goal was on the field.  Perhaps he could have had Favre autograph the ball he intercepted for him.

During the course of the game, the Jets made some big plays only to see them called back by penalties.  The first scoring chance came from a field goal attempt by Matt Houston.  Yeah, I didn’t recognize the name either, but apparently he’s “filling in” for the Giants while Lawrence Tynes recovers from an injury.  Perhaps having a hurt Tynes would be better for the Giants since this scab kicker missed what would have been a field goal that tied the game.  The commentators even mentioned how former Giants kicker Jay Feely, infamous for missing three field goals in Seattle a few years ago, was available.  Ouch.

Once the backups came in, the highlights began, with Kellen Clemens leading the Jets to the first touchdown of the night.  The Giants responded by putting in David Carr, the latest number one draft pick bust into the game.  The results were pretty much what Carr’s been used to, which is getting acquainted with the field turf.  Even in preseason, Carr’s body seemed to have pheromones which attracted defenders like hungry animals.  Perhaps Carr has been sacked so much he’s gotten used to it, and might get some S&M thrill from it.  He had been taken down so often that when he handed the ball off to Ahmad Bradshaw on his touchdown run, Carr fell down on the handoff.

The biggest sign of Carr’s futility was how the Giants chose not to send him in during a two minute drill in which the team was going for a tie or win.  Instead they put in a quarterback who’s not even in my Giants magazine or any other publication.  I will just refer to him as #3.  Not only because he wears number 3, but when backup quarterback Anthony Wright returns from an injury, he’ll move up to the number 3 quarterback slot ahead of Carr.  Where was Jared Lorenzen when you need him?

With Osi out for the season, naturally there would be speculation on the possibility of Michael Strahan coming out of retirement to fill his shoes.  Sure, he’s been out of the gym since probably Super Bowl week, but last year he didn’t even put on pads until well, a few hours before the first game.  With Brett Favre back as well, all we need is for Warren Sapp to return and we’ll have every retired player back.