TNA's Turning Point: The Worst Pay-Per-View Ever

RiZESenior Writer INovember 8, 2010

Creatures of the Night. I would like to apologize to the WWE. The Nexus is not the dumbest storyline in professional wrestling. It's actually TNA. TNA is, without a doubt, the stalest, most predictable and boring promotion, with the worst angles ever.

The night was dominated by the Immortals—horrible name, by the way. For the first time in my professional wrestling viewership, I can say that every ending to every match was absolutely atrocious. Here is my personal opinion on every match.

Jay Lethal vs Robbie E.

Before this match, Lethal was the hottest young star in TNA. Now he's reduced to this? For the record, I don't disapprove of Robbie. I think he is an OK wrestler. The problem I have with him is his gimmick. Really, TNA??? Really?? Management uses a reality show as a gimmick for one of its wrestlers? The match itself was fine, but the ending was definitely unpopular. Robbie actually dethroned Lethal and is now the X-Division Champion? I figured they would be smarter than this. 

I guess the X-Division is officially dead, too. Can't wait to see how he "blings" out the X-Division title. 

Mickie James vs Tara

I figured this was going a typical women's match: a few flashy moves here and there. Considering that TNA's and WWE's women's divisions are dead, I don't bother watching their matches anymore. But I actually gave this one a chance. Madison Rayne accompanied Tara to the ring, giving away the finish. TNA never gave a sufficient excuse for the animosity between the two.

By the aggression of both knockouts, It was only a matter of time before a botch or two would occur. The women took a pretty bad fall while brawling, ultimately leading to a no-contest. Obvious. The inclusion of weapons in the brawl that ensued was a little surprising. Still, the match sucked nonetheless.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D

I really don't have anything bad to say about this match. It was practically the reason I watched the pay-per-view, and it didn't disappoint. While it wasn't up to the Guns' usual standards as of late, it was still watchable. When Team 3D announced their retirement, that pretty much gave away the ending.

We all knew the Guns were not going to lose the titles here. TNA almost had me when 3D gave Alex Shelley the 3D. Honestly, I think that's the first time I've seen anyone kick out of that. The ending was a little odd because it was the usual.

Come on Guns, switch it up a little. Good match for 3D to go out on.

RVD vs Tommy Dreamer

This was a hardcore match. Besides the inclusion of a few weapons and some unusual moves by both men, this one was a real snoozer. There were a few surprising spots here and there, like Dreamer diving on RVD from the top rope. Dreamer jobs as usual. Van Dam continues his undefeated streak in TNA. Bad thing is, TNA didn't make any attempt to follow up on the storyline.

For weeks, Van Dam thought someone in EV2 was working with the Immortals. All that just for him and Dreamer to kiss and make up at the end?? It was really a waste of airtime and my time. Hopefully, the whole idea died with my interest in TNA.

Fourtune vs EV2

Obvious. This feud is still going on? When Fourtune announced the stipulation for this match, it was apparent one of the EV2 guys were on their way out. My pick was Raven. TNA let their news leak out, and most of us knew the ending before the pay-per-view even began. Considering the fact that we've seen this twice in the last two months, the match itself didn't excite me. Basically, the match never should have seen the light of day.

After Styles pinned Sabu, Flair announced that Sabu was fired because of his dislike of the Sheik. Stupid. Tommy Dreamer gave his usual pep talk. It was a really boring segment and match. Is this Turning Point or iMPACT!?

Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe

The burial of Samoa Joe continues. What is he...12-feet deep now? Jarrett comes out running his mouth again. Honestly, I figured Joe would choke Jarrett out. I thought maybe Kurt Angle would cost Jarrett the match. But no, in typical TNA fashion, that didn't happen. Joe dominated the majority of the match, as expected, and Jarrett's security aided him in the win. This allowing Jarrett to submit Joe with his own finisher. Idiotic. I wonder what Joe did to be in the position he is?

After the match, nothing happened. I expected Kurt Angle to come and beat the hell out of Jarrett. But TNA didn't even allow that. There was nothing that stood "out" about this match. It was boring, plain and simple.

Moments later, my excitement began to mount. The World title match was next. Matt Morgan's swift face-turn gave me hope that he would end Hardy's title reign. I really hate the "they" storyline. It's like nWo all over again. Let's just hope it ends before it kills the company like it did with WCW.

Matt Morgan vs Jeff Hardy

From the start, I knew this match was going to be a snoozer. I just wanted to see Morgan claim the World title and end the pay-per-view on a happy note. But Vince Russo and TNA management have no creativity whatsoever, so my mind was telling me Hardy would retain. What's up with Jeff Hardy? His sloppiness in the ring is becoming more and more apparent. 

Just last year, this guy was putting on awesome matches in the WWE. Now he's botching his own signatures. Wow.

The referee was a buffoon. When you're kicked in the head, that doesn't exactly mean a kick-out. He was literally staring at the mat instead of the wrestlers. A little too obvious, don't you think? What puzzles me is why they didn't let Hardy win after the first Twist of Hate. 

That's a horrible name change, by the way. It took two more to put away the Blueprint. Dumb ending to a horrible match. Afterward, TNA had its usual celebration: Yellow and red confetti, champagne bottles and a ton of people in the ring.

The best part about the whole pay-per-view was seeing the trademark signifying its end. I can only imagine what direction TNA will go from here. Who's going to face Hardy next? Anderson? RVD? Again...Yeah, that's so exciting.