The Real Cheaters Are The IOC

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has forgotten the rules that it has established. I was offended and disgusted with the way they have handled the gymnastics competition in Bejing this year.


When people think of the Olympics or sports in general, the word “steroids” immediately jumps into their mind. Nobody thinks it is possible to break a record or accomplish greatness without them. Michael Phelps has proven otherwise.


There is another form of cheating that was more than evident at these past Olympic Games. It was blatant and in the IOC’s face. Was it favoritism? Was the IOC in cahoots with Chinasince they were the host nation and the IOC was promising so many things to them?


I cannot even begin to explain how Team USAand other nations were cheated out of the proper medals they should have received. Perfection was achieved by Natasia Luikin on the uneven bars and was awarded with the silver medal while Chinese female gymnast He was awarded gold despite a misstep on her landing from the very same bars.


On the balance beam, the female Chinese gymnasts had countless balance checks which are supposed to result in deductions. The scores they got? Near perfect.


Shall I bring up the age conspiracy? A Chinese gymnast, who received the bronze medal at the 2000 games in Sydney came forward and said she was underage when she competed in those games. Why wouldn’t the Chinese do it again?


During the team male competition, China made drastic mistakes. Where they should’ve had three-tenths of a point taken off, it was only one-tenth. Team USA was flawless up until they reached the floor exercises and the horse. Nonetheless, where they were perfect, they were rewarded with dramatic deductions. Where did they get them?


It is no longer just about steroids. It is about the IOC not doing their job and allowing cheating in other forms to enter into the games. All the IOC does now is turn their heads the other way.


The IOC wants these games to be fair? Maybe they should consider doing their job.