National Championship Lame: Boise State-TCU Matchup Now Closer to Reality

Tom BaerCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

Andy Dalton and TCU are national championship worthy...
Andy Dalton and TCU are national championship worthy...George Frey/Getty Images

LSU's 24-21 victory over Alabama serves as a permanent low tide for the defending champions' back-to-back title bid. No problem, you say? Actually, major problem: The BCS National Championship is now a mere three losses (Auburn, Oregon and LSU) away from a MWC vs. WAC matchup. God forbid.

Nothing against non-automatic qualifiers (AQ's), but I would wager few outside of Fort Worth and Boise want to witness such a contest.

First, let's look at Boise State. The Broncos are reminiscent of a beautiful woman in a room comprised primarily of uglies; sure, she's the best looking one, but her "competition" isn't exactly stellar. A few decent-looking "ladies" are mixed in—Virginia Tech, Oregon State and Nevada—but swimsuit models they are not.

Texas Christian, contrarily, has the strongest championship case for a non-AQ since the birth of the BCS. The Mountain West—with, besides TCU, three solid if unspectacular teams in Air Force, San Diego State and Utah—is arguably a better conference than the Big East, an automatic qualifier. Moreover, the Horned Frogs also defeated Oregon State and demolished an up-and-coming Baylor program. Grand total: five quality victories (as opposed to Boise State's three).

My non-AQ vs. non-AQ phobia, then, doesn't center on TCU; the Frogs deserve a shot if Auburn or Oregon fall. But a TCU vs. Boise State championship game? Blah.

First, it would be the third consecutive year the two clash in a bowl. Second, TCU taking on a "big boy" from a "real" conference in much more viewer-friendly. And finally, perhaps such a title game would result in some sort of AQ vs. non-AQ closure.

In any case, the Broncos, even with end-of-season losses by Auburn, Oregon and LSU, are more Capital One Bowl than BCS National Championship game.

Boise supporters huff and puff about past victories over Oregon, Oklahoma and, in last season's Fiesta Bowl, TCU. It. Is. 2010. You don't deserve squat, Boise State, except a pat on the back for trouncing proud programs like New Mexico State and San Jose State.

In closing, I must apologize, TCU, for coupling you with the Broncos. You don't deserve such treatment. But even you must agree that dating a dazzling babe (Oregon) would be much more interesting than wining and dining a girl (Boise State) whose social circle is, as a whole, quite unappealing.