2010 Survivor Series Picks: Will We See a Montreal-Screwjob Type Ending?

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIINovember 7, 2010

2010 Survivor Series Picks: Will We See a Montreal-Screwjob Type Ending?

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    So many questions! So many possibilities!

    At Survivor Series, we have seen so many memorable moments such as the introduction of the Undertaker in 1990 and The Rock winning his first WWE title in 1998. Of course, the Montreal Screw-job in 1997 was the most memorable moment, no description needed. In 2010, we are bound to see many more memories. 

    This event will take place in Miami. There are countless questions that need to be answered at Survivor Series. Who's the Raw GM? Will the GM finally be revealed? What is the "bigger picture" Wade Barrett is referring to? Will Triple H return? How will the Cena-Orton-Barrett WWE Title angle play out? Will Edge take the World Heavyweight Championship away from Kane? And the greatest question of them all, will John Cena turn heel? 

    This slide show will analyze not only the matches but will answer the burning questions heading in to the Pay-Per-View. Note that I will add some matches not announced on the card yet. 

    With Survivor Series two weeks away, here's a preview to the preview. 

    MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Belt

    Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Team Miz vs. Team Big Show vs. Nexus 

    John Morrison vs. Sheamus

    Ted Dibiase vs. Goldust for the Million Dollar belt 

    Natalya vs. Michelle McCool vs. Layla for the Divas Championship 

    Kane vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship with John Cena as guest referee 

    With only eight matches on the card, the PPV will focus on quality rather than quantity. 

Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler (C) Vs. MVP

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    I can see where this angle is going. Ziggler does not cleanly retain on next week's SD. Then MVP is granted a match at Survivor Series by Teddy Long. Given this is his hometown of Miami, it makes sense to put him here. This can be a more boring version of the Kofi-Dolph feud that culminated at Night of Champions. 

    With the Ziggler-Bryan feud apparently over, and the title unification match rumors not likely to happen, Ziggler can now focus on that recurring love triangle. Look Dolph, you have your IC belt, dump Vickie for Kaitlyn ASAP! Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to get the memo on relationships: don't cheat on a cougar! Also, don't ever date a cougar! They are just plain bad. 

    With MVP's alleged backstage unhappiness, WWE may want to give him the IC Belt so he won't be the 14th ex-WWE mid-carder to go to TNA. Not that MVP is a threat to them or anything like that. 

    With all the intrigue surrounding this match, it should be a good match. Both can wrestle and talk, so there should be a good buildup to this match. Vickie and Kaitlyn will inevitably interfere. 

    I say this match goes for about 15 minutes. Kaitlyn and Vickie fight ringside. Of course, it completely distracts Ziggler. While the ref tries to play peacemaker in all of this drama, MVP hits Ziggler with a chair. He quickly throws the chair out and pins Dolph for the three count. The Miami crowd is happy! But not because MVP won, but because the Heat actually won a game convincingly. 

    Winner (and new champion): MVP

    After the match, Vickie dumps Dolph. Kaitlyn and Dolph officially become a couple. This love triangle crap comes to an end. We're all happy. 

Rey Mysterio Vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Lucha Libre-Style Match

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    Este lucha debería ocurrir porque va a ser grande en Mexico y dará WWE mucho dinero. Vince McMahon le gusta dinero. Especialmente, la campaña de Linda McMahon gastó 50 millones de dólares. 

    Translation: this match should happen because it will be big in Mexico and will give WWE lots of money. Vince McMahon loves money. Especially since Linda McMahon's campaign spent $50 million.

    We need no language barrier to say that Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio is worth spending dinero for. The main event on Smackdown needs a follow-up match. This is it. Make it a Lucha-Libre style match to draw Mexican fans, which are plenty. Not to mention these two absolutely despise each other after Del Rio broke Rey's wrist months ago. 

    As for the match itself, this should be a 5-star match. This is for the pride of Mexico. Del Rio gets the first pinfall after a kick to the head. Next, Rey hits the 619 and picks up the second pin. Now this match gets interesting. Del Rio almost connects on the cross arm-breaker to win. But Mysterio manages to reach the rope with his free hand. Then Rey hits a 619 on Del Rio.

    Rey is about to go for a splash when Ricardo Rodriguez shakes the ropes and takes him down. Inevitably, Del Rio puts him in the cross arm-breaker. Rey-Rey has no choice but to tap out! 

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio  

    After the match, Alberto Del Rio proclaims himself the best wrestler in Mexican history. He's not even the best wrestler in his family. 

Survivor Series Tag Match: Team Miz Vs. Team Big Show Vs. Nexus

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    Can he lead his team to victory?

    Instead of the repetitive Survivor Series-style team vs team tag match, why not make it a triple threat? It may take 10 hours to finish, but it's worth watching. This will be a five on five on five match. Team Miz will be Miz, Alex Riley, Ezekiel Jackson, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes. Team Big Show will be Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kaval, Daniel Bryan and R-Truth. Nexus will be anyone on the group not named Barrett or Cena. 

    Given there is quite a bit of inter-promotional action, we'll just say we're putting as many people on the PPV as possible. Miz has an all-heel team, Big Show has an all-face team, and Nexus is a monster heel team. 

    There can be some interaction on both shows. R-Truth and Daniel Bryan has feuded with Miz before. Also, Kaval and Riley have feuded on NXT. Big Show and Miz have obviously feuded, as has Jack Swagger. Swagger has feuded with Big Show before. All these past and present feuds should stir the pot in this match. Also don't forget that Nexus has beaten down R-Truth, Kaval, Big Show and tapped out to Daniel Bryan's awesomeness. 

    During the match, CM Punk can become the next JBL and shine on commentary. He and Cole can tag team burying team Big Show while praising team Miz. We'll eliminate all the fillers and leave it to five people: Jack Swagger, The Miz, Big Show, Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel. 

    First, Big Show gets hit with Miz's MITB briefcase to be eliminated. Of course, the ref was breaking up a Justin Gabriel-Daniel Bryan altercation.

    This is where it gets intriguing. Miz and Gabriel team up on Daniel Bryan. They severely beat him down. Swagger turns on Miz with the ankle lock. He might be a traitor but the fans go nuts! Miz immediately taps out! Then, Bryan hits Swagger with a kick to the back of the head. 

    Next, Gabriel hits the 450 splash to eliminate Swagger. Now it's one on one: Gabriel vs. Bryan. They go at it for 5 minutes until Bryan makes Gabriel tap out to the Crossface, er Lebell lock. A bizarre ending to a bizarre match. 

    Winner: Team Big Show

    By the way, Jack Swagger becomes one of the top faces on Smackdown. They need him, Cody, Dolph or Drew to turn face. Swagger is best suited for that role. 

John Morrison Vs. Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

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    With a Sheamus-John Morrison feud looming on the horizon, I'll go ahead and give them a match. It may not be as nationalistic as Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio. It may not have a belt on the line like MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler. It may not have a web of intrigue and drama such as Team Miz vs. Team Big Show vs. Team Nexus. 

    But it may steal the show. Give it a unique stipulation such as falls count anywhere or even a steel cage match, and it will be worth buying. For this Pay-Per-View, a falls count anywhere match will be easier to set up rather than a steel cage. 

    Let John Morrison unleash all his high-flying moves. Let Sheamus brutalize Jo Mo. Just let this match be glorious. Their styles contrast nicely between high-flyer and powerhouse. Give them 15 minutes, it could very well be an excellent match. Possibly it could steal the show. 

    However, there is one curveball ending to this match nobody expects, interference. Just like Sheamus benefited last time from outside interference, John Morrison will benefit as well. Except it won't be Santino. 

    "Time to play the game!" The music blares. Triple H has come back to avenge himself. He nails Sheamus with his trademark sledgehammer. Hopefully, he will be physically able to smack Sheamus with that hammer by SS. Jo Mo picks up the three count for the win. 

    Winner: John Morrison 

    Hint: we will be seeing more of Triple H at Survivor Series.

Goldust Vs. Ted Dibiase for the Million Dollar Belt

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    This brings back so many historical memories: the classic Rhodes vs. Dibiase feuds over the years, the Million Dollar Belt and Goldust finally relevant once again.

    But this also brings back many awkward memories: Ted Dibiase Jr. trying too hard to be his father, Goldust being so radically different from his brother and a NXT wedding gone haywire. 

    What better way than to have this match in Miami (where old people retire to) at Survivor Series, one of the older PPV's in WWE history? 

    Many younger WWE fans can have a history lesson. Unfortunately, it just might be a historically bad match. Maryse and Askana are going to interfere here, Goldust is getting old, and Ted is a solid, yet boring wrestler. Nevertheless, this match is worth buying given the nostalgia. 

    But, instead of Goldust winning, Ted Dibiase will hit the Million Dollar dream to gain back what is rightfully his father's. 

    Winner (and new champion): Ted Dibiase 

Natalya Vs. Michelle McCool (C) Vs. Layla (C) For the Divas Title

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    For the first time in 13 years, a Hart is wrestling for a Championship at Survivor Series. Last time, we all know what happened. This time, we all know what will happen, Laycool will retain somehow. Now, it's a triple threat match. MIchelle and Layla gradually ease off on the annoying BFF thing. Then, Teddy Long makes it a triple threat match after Hornswoggle reveals the truth about Laycool. 

    A lot of speculation has Beth Phoenix returning around this time. However, given that it's not easy to recover from an torn ACL, Beth Phoenix should wait until TLC or Royal Rumble to get the belt back. 

    Given that a triple-threat Diva match is rare, it should be at least worth buying in that respect. Of course, all the history with Bret Hart and the Screwjob should make this worth buying as well, especially now with Bret's niece Natalya involved. 

    Of course, Michelle McCool and Layla are perceived as being invincible. It's a two-thirds chance for a Laycool retain.

    Like HBK vs. Bret, this match ends in a sharpshooter. But instead of a Hart being screwed, it's Michelle McCool finally tapping out to give the Divas belt to Natalya. All the Canadians erupt in joy, if they cared about the Divas division. 

    Winner (and new champion): Natalya 

    After the match, Laycool fight over their tragic loss. Hopefully this will shut them up. 

Edge Vs. Kane With Paul Bearer (C) for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    Edge has been ON FIRE as of late. I don't think he has lost a single match since his move to Smackdown and subsequent face turn. It appears that he will be the next WHC for the foreseeable future. Spears have flown around like Tag Team belt changes. The Rated R Superstar is back on the show he thrives in. It's all good for him and his fans. 

    Kane has finally lived up to his potential. As a monster heel, he has had a nice long reign with the WHC. It's a good gesture from Vince to give a good employee like Glenn Jacobs (Kane) a four month reign. He has retained his belt by beating Rey Mysterio once, and his brother the Undertaker three times. Normally, the belt changes hands a lot more often than that. 

    These two have had history before (a fight over Lita, sound familiar?). And both of these men are good in the ring and on the mic. It can be an excellent holdover feud for Kane until Taker returns. For Edge, it can firmly put him over as a face. 

    Given Edge is on fire. Kane looks like he will win. But, Edge needs a nice long run with the WHC. I would love to see him have it until WrestleMania or even past that. This should be a match worth buying. Unfortunately, this match will be overshadowed by the Orton-Cena-Barrett angle for the WWE Championship. 

    "Spear! Spear! Spear!" Matt Striker chants as Edge goes for a three count. But Kane kicks out! Kane then hits a chokeslam. Edge kicks out of that. Then Kane uses the urn to energize himself. He prepares for the Tombstone until a familiar gong rings.

    Kane is scared out of his mind. It's the Undertaker! Not! 

    "Spear! Spear! Spear!" Matt Striker yells once again. "One! Two! Three!" The fans scream in triumph. 

    Winner (and new champion): Edge 

Randy Orton (C) Vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Title with John Cena As Guest Ref

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    This is why we all want to spend $55 on the PPV: to see if John Cena finally turns heel. Now that he is the ref, it is becoming more and more likely that there will NOT be a clean ending. In fact, they might as well make this no DQ just to make no doubt who the winner is. Now, here's some background on the angle. 

    As we all know, John Cena is a reluctant member of Nexus. Randy Orton is the WWE champion. Wade Barrett is the challenger and leader of Nexus (or is he?). Neither of these men particularly like each other. Orton distrusts Cena. Cena despises Barrett. Barrett hates Orton. This is an intriguing feud to say the least. 

    Initially, Cena is actually a decent ref. He calls it as evenly as he can. Barrett and Orton both are uneasy but go along with the match. Since it is a no DQ match, Orton and Barrett duke it out throughout the ring. Orton RKO's Barrett on top of the announcers table. Barrett hits Wasteland on Orton on the ramp. It's brutal to say the least. 

    Then like a certain main event for the last TNA PPV, the Raw GM finally comes out. That annoying beep interrupts the match. While Michael Cole runs his yap, Cena gets RKO'd! The crowd goes nuts! Barrett is confused. Cole announces the GM will come out now. 

    "Time to play the game!" The new GM comes out with a sledgehammer and a microphone. He then approaches the ring as Orton and Barrett are nervously awaiting his verdict on the match. Cena, now just getting up from the RKO, is also in the ring. The crowd's tension is palpable. All the intrigue is playing out right before their eyes. All the eyes are glued on the TVs throughout the WWE Universe. 

    Triple H then gives John Cena the sledgehammer. Cena is torn on what to do with it: hit Orton or Barrett. Wade tells him: "It's all about a bigger picture!" Orton tells him: "Don't you dare!" He makes the hit heard round the world, he nails Randy Orton with the sledgehammer, not unlike Jeff Hardy hitting Anderson and Angle with Hogan's crutches. Barrett picks up the win easily. John Cena has finally turned heel. The IWC rejoices. All the little kids cry. The landscape of the WWE has changed forever. 

    Winner (and new champion): Wade Barrett 

    We end the broadcast with a shocking John Cena and Triple H heel turn. Triple H is revealed as leader of Nexus and anonymous GM. John Cena was gradually convinced by Wade Barrett and Triple H to join them. This is the bigger picture Wade referred to. Triple H taking over WWE from Vince McMahon. That's why Nexus attacked Vince. All the Nexus guys come out to deafening boos. 

    They celebrate their victory until... "If you ssssssssmmmmmmmeeeeeeelllllllll, what the Rock is cooking!" The fans go from sad shock to happy shock. The Rock brings all the guys Nexus beat down on, including Bret Hart, David Otunga and Vince McMahon, to attack the Nexus. Everyone but John Cena and the Rock are outside of the ring. They have an epic stareoff as the show goes off the air. Monday Night Raw is now must see TV. 

    So, let the Rock ask you a question. Were you just picking your nose while reading this? Stick it in Hermie!