Denver Broncos Fans To Boycott Invesco Field, Ensure Josh McDaniels's Dismissal?

Reid BrooksAnalyst INovember 6, 2010

The clock is ticking; Josh McDaniels must win now.
The clock is ticking; Josh McDaniels must win now.Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The topic has been raised throughout the blogosphere all week long.

Everyone knows now that Josh McDaniels is the primary object of Denver Broncos' fans wrath following yet another humiliating loss. And one of the NFL's proudest franchises is starting to look like a joke; at least, everyone else finds the punchline funny.

"Wunderkind coach takes reins to franchise, trades away all talent, humiliates city."

And now it seems that no matter how the rest of the season pans out, Josh McDaniels will be returning for another year. That is, if you believe Adam Schefter and Woody Paige (as I am inclined to).

The belief is that since the Broncos still owe money to Mike Shanahan for another season, Pat Bowlen can't possibly afford to fire Josh McDaniels. If he did, he would end up paying three coaches at once. But there is a way the fans can force a move and make their voices heard, if they are fully behind getting rid of Josh McDaniels.

Bloggers have been quietly suggesting all week that the Denver Broncos' fans should simply stop going to home games. If Pat Bowlen is losing home-game revenue and has reason to believe such a trend will continue until he gets rid of the coach, then it would make financial sense for him to cut Josh loose.

Some fans are endorsing the strategy. Some fans are not. But all Denver Broncos fans should be aware of it.

The biggest problem with Josh McDaniels's remolded franchise is that it lacks the excitement Broncos teams formerly had. Guys like Jay Cutler didn't always win, but people were excited to go watch them play.

I've been a staunch Kyle Orton supporter and still think that benching him for Tebow right now would be a mistake (Tebow needs more time), but I'll happily admit that it is difficult to get excited about Kyle. Watching him talk is like watching paint dry. Watching him play can be strange, too, as he just doesn't fit the quarterback mold so many Broncos fans expect.

I don't think Tim Tebow will either, though. But who knows?

The team is devoid of exciting, big-name players. The biggest name out there right now is "Slow"shon Moreno, who frequently gets run down from behind by defensive linemen. Brandon Lloyd is a fantasy football all-star, but he doesn't have the moves and the spectacular playmaking ability of someone like Brandon Marshall.

So would the fan base really be giving up a lot by boycotting? That is for every fan to decide individually.

But the fact that the idea has been tossed around by multiple sources and given serious consideration makes for quite a statement.