"40 MPH is Too Fast": A 9 Year Old Pitcher is Told He's Too Good

Matt JacobsCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

In New Haven, CT there is a nine year old boy who apparently has a fast ball that tops out around 40 MPH.  He was just told that he is "too good" and he should "play other positions, or pitch against older players or in a different league." 

Is this what children's sports in America has come to?  After the 8th game of the season, you all of a sudden decide to remove Jericho Scott from his team, who he has lead to an undefeated record heading into the playoffs, because he pitches too fast?  Seriously?

This league and these parents should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  Safety concerns?  Yeah, I'm not buying that either.  40 MPH isn't even all that fast for boys that age. 

I guess that it is better that everyone is just average and on the same level because we don't want Johnny Jr.'s feelings to get hurt when Jerricho strikes him out.  I'm surprised this league even keeps score if they want to protect everyone's feelings. 

Lost in their "safety concerns" is the lessons their children learn from being struck out by a better player.  Motivation, practice, and hard work don't matter now because we're just going to remove a player who has more talent.  God forbid his failure gives him motivation to work harder and practice more so that next time he faces Jerricho, he knocks one out of the park. 

Not only do you take away children's experiences at failure, which in turn shows them just how hard it is to be successful at anything, but this act penalizes all the kids who worked hard to be on an undefeated TEAM. 

Do those kids deserve to be brought back to the pack because the team is too good?  Way to go new Haven parents.  You're completely stripping away core values for our kids, and in turn, making an entire generation completely soft.

Jericho's coach and parents say the boy is being unfairly targeted because he turned down an invitation to join the defending league champion, which is sponsored by an employer of one of the league's administrators.  Is it just me or does anyone feel like grabbing this jerk and shaking sense into him?

Congrats New Haven parents.  You're breeding mediocrity.  You're teaching your children winning and being successful is not as important as defending your little league championship and making sure Billy doesn't develop self esteem issues from facing a 40 MPH fast ball. 

Truly unbelievable.

If anyone else is interested in sending an e-mail to the mayor here is the link

http://www.cityofne whaven.com/Mayor/ind ex.asp

The e-mail address is right on the front page.