WWE Best of the Best, Part 5: The 10 Greatest Multifaced Wrestlers

Dan PowerSenior Analyst INovember 6, 2010

WWE Best of the Best, Part 5: The 10 Greatest Multifaced Wrestlers

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    Great on the mic' and great in the ring

    The greatest multifaced wrestlers are those who don't feature in a specific wrestling style and who possess outstanding microphone skills. They are great wrestlers, and they are among the best to cut memorable promos.

    Most of them master more than one in-ring style without being the best in a specific category. They can have some high-flying skills, but they can also be good technical wrestlers or great brawlers.

    In other words, they usually combine two or more styles without having one that is more prominent. They are rarely powerhouse wrestlers while they don't have the usual high-flyer's size. 

    As in the previous Top 10 lists of the series*, I considered these factors for the ranking: the impact on WWE, the success, the in-ring abilities, the charisma and for the current list, the mic skills.


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10. Razor Ramon

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    Razor Ramon had a good mix of the powerhouse and brawler styles and could also perform some high-flying moves from time to time.

    He was one of the biggest draws in WWE at his time. He could move from a top heel to a top face with ease.

    He did cut memorable promos with his "Oozing Machismo" Bad Guy gimmick. His "Yo Chico" and "Say hello to the bad guy" catch phrases quickly became classics. He admitted he was inspired by Al Pacino's Scarface character, but he made it his own and he made it unique.

    He could infuriate his opponents like no one else when he was throwing his toothpick in their face.

    He and Shawn Michaels gave the fans unforgettable wrestling moments with their innovative ladder matches.

    He was a popular four-time Intercontinental Champion and he had the gold around his waist for a total of 438 days.

    Ramon definitely had the potential to become a WWF Champion. He had the charisma, the in-ring abilities and the mic skills to be a great champion. He also had the "IT" factor to reach the highest status in WWF, but he left the company in 1996, after only four years with them.

9. Ric Flair

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    His signature chop accompanied by the "whooo!" looked so painless but what a show that gave. It would look so lame if anyone else with his size did that move.

    Though his finishing move was the classic figure-four leg lock, he was not exactly a technical wrestler. He was a great brawler, and he was one of the best move seller in pro-wrestling history.

    When he first joined the WWE in 1991, his best years in the ring were already behind him, but he portrayed an unforgettable heel. Even in the last decade, he was an epic entertainer despite his age and limitations as a wrestler.

    If he had built his legendary status more in WWE, he would be higher on the list and he would be No. 1 or 2 if it was a pro-wrestling ranking.

8. Randy Orton

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    As his nickname suggests, The Viper is one of the sneakiest wrestlers ever. He is also a decent mat wrestler; he has some power moves in his arsenal and he can be a great brawler. With such a combination of styles, no wonder why he became so successful.

    Because he was a extremely popular heel, receiving more cheers than boos, the WWE had no choice but to turn him face.

    If he's not the best on the microphone, he is certainly one of the best to cut promos with no talk needed. He built his reputation on brutality and sneaky attacks. He also made his mark as the "Legend Killer" when he went on a rampage against veterans and Hall of Famers.

    He sent a lot of people to the hospital for a long absence; his list of victims includes John Cena, Vince McMahon and Triple H.

    He is the current WWE Champion after he won a Six-Pack Challenge elimination match at Night Of Champions. He is the 17th Triple Crown Champion in WWE; he is in his sixth reign as WWE Champion and he won the World Heavyweight Title once.

    He was a part of one of the greatest stables ever: Evolution as the "future" of WWE. The group claimed to be a mix of the best in the past (Ric Flair), in the present (Triple H) and in the future (Orton and Batista). During his run with the stable, Orton became, at the age of 24, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history.

    In a few years, The Apex Predator could climb the ladder on the current list, but only time will tell if he can continue on the right path.

7. Chris Jericho

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    The first WWE Undisputed Champion started with the company back in 1999 and his future is currently uncertain—no one knows if he will be back or not.

    Y2J was a master on the mic, and he could manipulate the crowds like only few in the business. If he could play the role of a savior, he was, more than anything, a top heel.

    The nine-time Intercontinental Champion is also a six-time World Champion in WWE. He won a total of 22 championships and he is the fourth Grand Slam Champion.

    With his impressive move-set, one of the most various in pro wrestling, he was involved in many classic matches throughout his career. He had an amazing balance between technical and aerial skills. He could hold his own against anyone in pure mat wrestling and he was a submission holds specialist.

    If he couldn't make the bell ring with his Walls Of Jericho, he could hit with his sneaky Code Breaker at any moment or with a out-of-nowhere roll-up pin fall.

    He had memorable feuds with many of the best in the business. His rivalry with Triple H, in particular, was the stage for unforgettable promos and contributed to his main event push in 2001. The crowds were amazed by Jericho's mic skills when he constantly mocked Stephanie McMahon, newly married to HHH in a storyline.

6. Roddy Piper

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    The host of the legendary Piper's Pit never won a major WWE title, but he was a top heel in his time. Without him, the likes of Jimmy Snuka and Hulk Hogan would have not become as big as they were.

    Piper was an ace on the mic and he could generate heat like no one. A lot of historic events occurred during his famous interview segments. When Piper didn't use his talk show to add oil to the fire of his own feuds, it was the stage to start or continue most of the biggest rivalries.

    The most infamous moment that took place on his show was when he crushed a coconut on Snuka's head and shoved a banana in his throat.

    The showdown for the famous Wrestlemania III encounter between Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan also started on the Piper's Pit.

    Piper won't be remembered for his in-ring abilities but he always gave his heart and soul to entertain. He was not a great technician, a powerhouse or a high flyer, but he was an intense brawler. An no-villain tactic is stranger to him.

    The fans loved to hate him and he had no issues becoming a face in the end of his run with WWE.

5. Edge

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    The Ultimate Opportunist is equally great with a mic and in the ring. He is one of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE history with 29 championships, including nine reigns as World Champion and 12 Tag Team Titles.

    From his modest debut as a mysterious loner character to his association with The Brood then with The Ministry of Darkness, and from his success in the tag-team division to his push to the main event level, Edge always found a way to achieve his goals.

    His famous live sex celebration on Raw in 2007 solidified his new gimmick direction as the Rated-R Superstar.

    Edge also hosted his talk show, The Cutting Edge, in which he established himself as one of the greatest on the mic.

4. Ted DiBiase

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    There is so much to say about Ted DiBiase. He was probably the greatest heel in WWE history, regardless of whether he was a wrestler or a manager. He is one of the rare to have always portrayed a villain during his entire WWF run.

    He played the arrogant millionaire with so much ease that it's hard to believe he's in fact a nice guy and currently a Christian minister.

    His famous catchphrase, "Everybody has a price for The Million Dollar Man" and his legendary evil laugh made him famous. His promos were always shocking but without the controversial side of Piper or Edge.

    He used to humiliate his bodyguard or convince the fans he invited to the ring to do something humiliating in exchange of some money, just for the fun of it.

    He was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, but he never won a major title. He once came close when he tried to buy the WWF title from Andre the Giant, but the move was declared illegal and the championship became vacant.

    The only titles he won were the North American Heavyweight Championship in his first run and the Tag Team Title on three occasions. But regardless of the championships, DiBiase had undeniable skills in the ring and he is one of the best technical wrestlers ever.

3. Macho Man Randy Savage

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    He is one of the greatest champions and characters in WWE history. His flamboyant gimmick and his original mic skills made him one of the most memorable wrestlers in pro-wrestling history.

    He held the WWF Championship twice, for a total of 520 days. He also held the Intercontinental Title once, for an impressive total of 414 days.

    At some point, he was as popular as Hulk Hogan and they both formed a powerful tag team known as the Mega Powers to specifically battle Andre The Giant and Ted DiBiase.

    But Savage was at the top of his game as a heel. He is known for his vicious attacks outside the ring or with his scepter when he was "Macho King" after he won the 1989 King Of The Ring tournament.

    His legendary status was also built with the help of Miss Elizabeth. They had countless unforgettable moments together, including their wedding at Summerslam 1991 and their reunion at Wrestlemania XII. The apparently fragile lady followed his man for a good part of his run with WWE; there was a huge contrast between his flamboyant style and her shy attitude, but they completed each other perfectly.

    In addition to his unique promos and his signature, "Ooooh yeahhh!" catch phrase, Savage was a wrestler with amazing high-flying abilities, and he had an elegant brawling style. He could also hold his own in mat wrestling. And more than anything, the fans will always remember is trademark flying elbow.

    As one of the greatest overall wrestler of all time, he probably never had a bad match and his match against Steamboat at Wrestlemania is considered, by many, the best in WWE history.

    Without a doubt, he was a classic matches maker and hopefully, he will be inducted where he belongs—in the WWE Hall Of Fame. 

2. The Rock

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    If you heard The Great One with his famous "If you smelllllllll what The Rock... is cooking!", the chances are good it will stick in your head forever. That is what made The Rock the icon he is.

    His unmatched charisma, combined with his unique wrestling style, built a legend. It's hard to describe his in-ring style but his Rock Bottom and People's Elbow could almost be the exact definition of his style. He was not a great technician or a high flyer; he was not exactly a powerhouse or a brawler either. In fact, we could talk about The Rock's Style.

    The most electrifying man in sports entertainment is considered by many as the best on the microphone in pro wrestling history. Several of his promos became instant classics and he could carry the crowds with a mic like no one. Along with Stone Cold, he was one of the kings of WWF during the Attitude Era.

    The nine-time World Champion also won the Tag Team Title five times and the Intercontinental Gold once to become the sixth Triple Crown Champion. But all those accomplishments would be nothing if The Rock didn't offer the fans so many classic matches.

    From his weird debuts as the first third-generation superstar as Rocky Maivia to his heel turn and his association with The Nation Of Domination, he quickly evolved to become The Rock and reached superstardom with his unforgettable promos.

1. Shawn Michaels

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    The Main Event, The Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Icon are all nicknames that describe who is Shawn Michaels.

    He was an outstanding high flyer without being limited to that style. There was also a great technician hidden behind his flamboyant character.

    If he had modest debuts in the tag team division, he didn't hesitate to grab his chance in singles competition. He then started to write a full chapter of the WWE history book when he became The Heartbreak Kid.

    He was ready to do anything to entertain the audiences. Even when he was not in the main event, he always found a way to steal the show. He participated in six ladder matches, including the first ever against Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X. As further proof of his great innovation, HBK was also in the first ever Hell in a Cell and Iron Man matches.

    Michaels is the first Grand Slam Champion. In addition to his four World Championships, he won the Intercontinental Title three times, the European Championship once and he is a six-time Tag Team Champion.

    If that's not enough, he one of the three to have won the Royal Rumble twice, the two others being none other than Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin.

    HBK also holds the unreal record of 10 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year Awards, and he was in one of the four five-start matches in WWE history:  The classic ladder match at Wrestlemania X.

    A book could be written about Michaels' career and about his unforgettable promos, so let's conclude with a few statements to complete the above text and to get a global picture of the greatest WWE entertainer of all times:

    His famous on-screen stable, Degeneration-X (DX);

    The Montreal Screwjob;

    His backstage group, The Kliq and his association with Diesel;

    His classic matches against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 and 26;

    His signature Elbow Drop and his finisher, the Sweet Chin Music.