Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves Frustrated With Minutes

In Simmons' FootstepsContributor INovember 5, 2010

Kevin Love may want out of Minnesota soon
Kevin Love may want out of Minnesota soon

When the Minnesota Timberwolves traded Al Jefferson to Utah last summer, Kevin Love had the idea that he was Minnesota's new franchise player.

After a 1-4 start, Love seems to be confused and frustrated, as he's playing only an average of 26.4 minutes per game. While that does lead the team, one has to wonder why head coach Kurt Rambis wouldn't play his leading scorer and rebounder more. 

"You have to be on crystal meth not to give Love more minutes on that team," said one scout. "It makes no sense."

You have to agree with the scout. Chris Broussard explains in TrueHoop that the T-Wolves are 14-38 when Love plays 30 minutes or more, while they are 40-128 when he plays less than 30 minutes. Both are obviously horrid records, but the winning percentage is slightly in Love's favor (.269 vs. .238).

Love is certainly frustrated by Rambis' tactics. After Minnesota's opening loss to Sacramento (in which he only played 24 minutes), Love left the locker room without speaking to the media. 

We've seen Love try and prove that he deserves to be on the court 30-35 minutes a game. By that I mean Love can sometimes try and force shots. This was most apparent against the Milwaukee Bucks last Friday when Love went 3-13 from the field. 

Love is not the only one upset, however. The Timberwolves received over 100 phone calls and emails after Minnesota's opening loss of fans complaining about Kevin Love's lack of playing time. Even some front office sources have been dumbfounded by Love not seeing the floor for extended time.

Kurt Rambis insists it is not Kevin Love's lack of playing time that has led the Timberwolves to a 1-4 start. Instead, Rambis believes the Timberwolves are not playing together as a team.

"I don't know how you could not be embarrassed when you get beat by the number of points we got beat by," said Rambis after two blowouts issued by the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. "It doesn't sit well with anybody."

No, it doesn't Kurt. The front office is not happy. The fans are not happy. Kevin Love is not happy. Things don't look good for the Wolves.

There is no reason the Timberwolves would simply want to trade Love away, and Love has not requested such action. If his minutes don't spike soon, though, don't be surprised if Love asks to be shipped out of Minnesota.