No, I Haven’t Forgotten About Football Season…

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No, I Haven’t Forgotten About Football Season…

Just a quick note to say that I haven’t forgotten about football season — as our header countdown here at the Gate hopefully makes clear.

Since this is the last week of the dreaded off-season, things will start up for real here shortly.  I am trying to get a few last minute details finalized for the start of the season at present, which will hopefully improve the quality of this joint substantially.  Should have this one ready in the next day or so — it’ll actually be a big announcement for Gate 21 (if you give a damn about this rag, that is).

At any rate, hopefully things will begin progressing in the very near future.  In the meantime, I found a post from Mark Bradley of the AJC the other day which is interesting to say the least.  Bradley took it upon himself to rank the Most Obnoxious fans in the SEC.

In the end, Bradley determined that the Florida Gators won the crown for the most obnoxious fans writing:

Gator fans didn’t become obnoxious when Steve Spurrier started beating everybody. They were obnoxious when their team couldn’t win the SEC to save its life. And for all Floridians still irked by Georgia’s celebration, here are two words to Google: Gator Flop.

Hmm … sounds reasonable to me…

Anyway, the Vol faithful came in at No. 7 — which is far better than I expected.  Either way, it’s worth a quick read.

Keep watching over the next few days as hopefully great things will be coming to Gate 21, until then, at least it doesn’t suck any worse than it always has…

– Go Figure …

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