College Football Poll: The 11 Best 11s

BabyTateSenior Writer IAugust 25, 2008

                                                           THE 11 BEST 11s

1– Ohio State- This is their year. Tressel has worked for it, and he deserves it.

2– Oklahoma- Stoops seeks to remove his reputation of losing the big ones.

3– Southern California- Powerhouse. Armed with the best coach in the country. 

4– Texas Tech- The most dangerous team in the USA with Harrell and Crabtree.

5– Georgia- With Gator injuries the Bulldogs may play for the National Title.

6– West Virginia- South Fla will have to beat them to take over the Big East.

7– Missouri– If they can get past Illinois this week, they could run the table.

8–Arizona State- Excellent coaching makes Sun Devils the surprise team of USA.

9– Florida– Could be rough going if the new starters don't come through.

10– Clemson- Coaching hurts great team with Spiller & Kelly as superstars.

11– Auburn- If Red Raiders are the sleeper then this team is your spoiler.

SITTING ON THE PORCH:  South Florida, Texas, Penn State, Michigan State, LSU

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