Paul Heyman Writes About the Sad Post-WWE Life of Nature Boy Ric Flair

Tim ListAnalyst IAugust 25, 2008


RIC FLAIR'S break from World Wrestling Entertainment has lead to his agents negotiating deals with anyone who can meet the money and terms it takes to hire the Nature Boy for the day. With financial issues looming and a reported separation from his third wife, Flair apparently made the decision to take the "short term money" available to him on the open market over the guaranteed $500,000 he was making with WWE.  It's a little painful to watch, because bluntly, Flair deserves better. 



So writes Paul Heyman, the former ECW owner and WWE creative guru whose blog on Flair has been posted exclusively on the Sun's "Heyman Hustle," "Wrestling," and "Sports" homepages. The Sun (UK) also has the video of Flair doing an interview for a local promotion in Chicago, Illinois (USA), and exclusive photos taken when Flair performed the "Kiss Stealin' Wheelin' Dealin'" interview at the NWA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. A key excerpt from Heyman's blog:

I don't know if Flair was unhappy with his perceived role in WWE, and if he was, I don't know why. I do know that every day Flair was kept out of the ring, was another day the momentum built for a big moment when he would be announced as the guest referee for Wrestlemania or SummerSlam.

Every mention of his name - said by the announcers with great reverence - only whet the appetite for another "Whoo", another chop, another strut, another speech, another appearance by the Nature Boy himself.


His name carried weight. His appearance on a radio show helped promote events. His handshake meant something to sponsors and advertisers. And for that, he was being paid $500,000.


Since I've left World Wrestling Entertainment, the only public connection I keep with the industry is through these blogs, which form part of the Heyman Hustle series here on The Sun.


If you check with the producers and vendors and promotions, you'll see I've turned down numerous conventions, autograph signings, guest appearances, booker deals, shoot tapes, you name it. That's me.


I'm not saying Flair shouldn't take advantage of his earning potential right now. And I hope he makes millions in whatever he does.


But seeing him in these ads for every rinky dink out there just makes him look ancient instead of being relevant, which he still can be.


Flair belongs on the big stage, not where kids go to get noticed and legends go to hang on.

I'm not knocking Flair. Please don't think or claim "Heyman rips into Flair," or think that I've forgotten the days when ECW was a tiny little indy as well.


YOU watch the video. Please. And then make up your own mind.


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