Can ANY Team Go Undefeated with UGA's Schedule?

Anthony StanleyContributor IAugust 25, 2008

Much has been made of the University of Georgia's brutal schedule as THE major impediment to the National Championship.  This begs the question: Could any 2008 team navigate through this gauntlet undefeated?  I would say not, and I don't expect the Dawgs to do it, either. 

If they somehow manage the feat, they would join the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers as one of the best teams of the modern college football era (1980's to present).  The 1988 Notre Dame squad might make the short list of teams who could handle six games against top 25 teams, four of which are road games (and three of those with top 10 teams). 

The '87 and '91 Miami teams might be able to get through this schedule, as well.  And Tennessee, in 1998, might be able to run this table, too.  Other undefeated National Champions since the '80s probably wouldn't make it through unscathed, as their schedules at the time were not of the level of difficulty we're looking at in 2008. 

I'll include the 2002 Buckeyes because they went 14-0, which in itself is quite an achievement, but their title game was somewhat tainted.

Finally, I'll include the 1999 FSU squad because they went wire to wire as Number One, and the 1992 Crimson Tide because they drubbed the Gator juggernaut on the way to their no-loss season. 

Overall, very few teams have faced this level of competition with so many road game pitfalls.  Simply put, I seriously believe any contemporary of the 2008 Dawgs would come up short given this schedule, just as I believe UGA will. 

If anyone thinks they know of any modern schools, past or present, that I omitted feel free to suggest other candidates.  It will be fun to get other perspectives on this, as I claim no authority in determining my candidates other than the schedule strength of these teams at the time and the ease with which they completed their undefeated campaigns.