UFC needs a new match maker

Josh RubinContributor IAugust 25, 2008

1.Is a BJ Penn vs George Saint Pierre match up really good for the sport?

2.Is UFC really taking advantage of the great potential that the LHW division has?

3.Is Patrick Cote a legitimate fight for the title? and should Anderson Silva be looking past this fight?

1st off BJ Penn doesn't deserve a title shot in the WW division, this is basically a slap in the face to every other WW contender who is trying to get a shot, BJ is 0-2 in last 2 fights as a WW, he has won 3 straight as a LW, it took Fitch 8 straight wins in WW to get a title shot, Thiago Alves is on a 6 win streak and is set to fight Diego Sanchez, Diego was on a 6 win streak in the UFC, and was 19 - 0 in his mma career and didn't get one, even with GSP's amazing display of what a P4P contender looks like in his bout vs Fitch, he said it best that different fighters bring different problems, neither champs have cleaned out there divisions, and i think this fight has the potential to kill both Divisions, not only would it be disrespectful for BJ to jump to the front of the line for the Belt, but lets say he wins, he'll have the  responsibility to defend both belts, which means were looking at the WW and LW title being defended once or twice a year, instead of 3 to 4 times a year that were getting now, this means that every contender is gonna have to wait that much longer, and both divisions are gonna lose there appeal with the lack of defenses, and guys who are winning 8 in a row just to get that shot are gonna have to wait even longer.

2. I just cant see the pointe in the match ups in the LWH division, Rampage vs Rua, Chuck vs Rishad, Machida vs Thiago Silva, Hamill vs Franklin. basically this division is stacked, you might not see it but this division has the biggest potential in the organization, 1st off i like the Rampage vs Rua, the Chuck vs Rishad is ok but there's better then this, Machida vs Thiago Silva is stupid at this point, and Hamil vs Franklin is ridiculous. basically nobody is really standing out in the LHW division, as far as ranking should go, i have no idea who should be #1,  there all up there, to a point that even after these bouts there's no clear contender for the belt, on paper.

Machida vs Thiago its too soon to have this bout, i think these guys are the most underrated guys in the division, and pairing them up isn't gonna change that, not to mention there styles match up for a boring fight, there both methodical in the ring, and this will be a chess match, they dont have enough luster, the sport isn't big enough, to have this as a great fight, but it could later down the road, not to mention it could hurt both there careers if the fans aren't happy.  

Chuck vs Rishad is a good chance for Rishad to get in the top 5, and i like how they're finally giving the younger guys a shot, never the less i cant help but feeling that this fight is hand fed to Chuck, no offense to Rishad, but styles make fights, and Chuck has made his career off wrestlers(Tito and Randy) i dont see what Rishad has that these 2 didn't, and i dont think there's a chin out there that can take a shot from Chuck and keep up the pressure, personally i would've rather of saw Thiago Silva vs Rishad, these are 2 strong guys, who fight at a similar pace, and would make for a great fight, and Machida vs Liddel is another great match up, they fight at a similar pace, and Liddel has that knock out aura around him that makes any stand up war interesting, great test for both fighters seeing how they both have unorthodox fighting styles, next on the list is

Hamil vs Franklin, this is ridiculous, Hamil has nothing to gain from this bout unless he beats him worse then Anderson did, which i dont see that happening since Hamil's more of a grinder, then a finisher. and this division is so big right now, and is at such a pace that there really isn't any time for a contender who is trying to make a comeback, if Franklin was smart he would take some time off, let the division sort itself out, and then come back, this fight is a big risk for him, seeing is i dont see him winning this impressively, look for him to be evasive and to move alot, he wont want to stand in front and commit to much to his strikes and be vulnerable for a take down, and will try and avoid as much damage as possible, Franklin isnt big for the division any more, so he'll fight more like Machida, can he pull it off as clean as the dragon, i dont think so, If Hamil wins everybody will discredit it anyways seeing how Franklin was beaten bad by Anderson twice, if Franklin wins then its a good rebound from the MW division, but destroys Hamil's prospects as a contender in the LWH division, with neither fighter being a big name in the division, it will be hard for both fighters to come out of this with a plus, like GSP vs Fitch.

 Patrick Cote cant do any worse then Franklin, or Lutter, basically everybody is been destroyed who fought Silva, Cote has looked impressiv, and has looked better every time we see him, he has heavy hands with a good chin, and is a dangerous opponent in general, he has earned his shot since losing the TUF, i think he can make this a good fight, this is a win, win,  win situation for him aswell, if he gets destroyed then he's right up there with the other top MW's, if he puts up a good fight but still loses, then he's proven he's better then the rest that have tried to dethrone Anderson, and remains as #1 in the rankings, if he wins, well then i don't think i have to explain this 1, for Anderson this is another title defense, and another notch on his legacy, unless he loses which is worse then GSP losing to Sera, GSP was a young fighter, so to see mistakes, or holes in his game at that age in understandable, but Silva is to experienced to let that happen, and if he does lose then there goes his legacy. should Silva be looking past Cote, whats the point of looking past any opponent?  look at Lennox Lewis vs Rahman, Serra vs GSP, for Anderson already discussing his next match up, would lead me to question how focused he in for this bout with Cote, and is he gonna prepared mentaly, and physicaly, we still have yet to an Anderson in the 3rd never mind in the 5th round, if i was Cote here i would train hard on my cardio, and try and bring this bout into the later rounds, we've seen the impact of jumping between weight in Roy Jones and in Dan Henderson, and i think this the perfect chance for anybody to dethrone(if its humanly possible) Anderson Silva