Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice: Explaining the Inexplicable

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 25, 2008

Ken Shamrock has one of the more impressive resumes in MMA. He was one of the original greats of the sport. But is he one of the greats of the new millennium? Not so much. Inexplicably, he gets the next shot at Kimbo Slice.

Ken Shamrock is the legendary creator of the Lions Den gym and has trained other greats, such as Guy Mexger. He has beaten some of the best including Bas Rutten (2), Dan Severn, and Maurice Smith. He is one of the more revered legends in the game and is a UFC Hall of Famer.

With all of the accolades comes the muddying of his name since 2000. He has won only twice in the new millennium, losing all eight of his fights by KO or TKO. It really has been disappointing.

So in the executive room of EliteXC they had three options, including Shamrock.

There was Brett Rogers, who happens to be coming off of a few impressive wins and looks like a deserving candidate after calling Slice out in a press conference. Also under consideration was Sean Gannon, who has beaten Slice before and would be a pay-per-view draw considering people want to see Kimbo avenge his losses. Finally, however, they settled on the washed up 44-year-old guy.

This is a cop out by EliteXC after a close call for their poster boy. They realize that either Gannon or Rogers would tear Kimbo apart and they can't have that. They need another Tank Abbot to smash.

He's another old legend that can no longer function the way he used to. That way they can point to quality wins for the casual fans that were only won by age and Kimbo's size.

When EliteXC thinks they'll get buys on PPV for this BS they underestimate the intelligence of today's MMA fan. They think that when someone hears the name Ken Shamrock, he'll be instantly enthralled.

They're dead wrong. This is just another futile ploy by EliteXC to build up the most overrated fighter in the world.

The funniest part is that I still believe Shamrock will win. This former King of Pancrase has submitted the best in the game with his ground work. I take Shamrock by kneebar in round one.

Take that, EliteXC! You'll never fool a real MMA fan.