The 5 Greatest Mexican Fighters of All Time

Steve WatersContributor IINovember 4, 2010

The 5 Greatest Mexican Fighters of All Time

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    The odds will be heavily stacked against Antonio Margarito when he takes on Manny Pacquiao aka “the Mexicutioner” on the 13th of November, and even if the unlikely happens and he does win, it probably still wouldn’t be enough for him to go down as one of Mexico’s greatest ever fighters,

    Here is my list of top 5 Mexican pugilists

5 Marco Antonio Barrera

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    Barrera won over 100 amateur fights.  In the pros he has held numerous world titles from Super Bantamweight to Lightweight.  He was part of some of the most exciting fights of all-time including an Epic trilogy with fellow Mexican Erik El Terible Morales, 2 of which were named as Ring magazines fights of the year.


    Random fact, in his early professional career Barrera was studying to become a lawyer.

4 Ruben Oliveras

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    Arguably the greatest ever Bantamweight fighter and named Ring magazines 12th greatest puncher of all time, Ruben Oliveras had an exceptional 78 knockouts in his career which spanned from the late 60s all the way until his retirement in 1988.


    Random fact, Ruben El Puas has had cameo roles in a dozen Mexican comedy movies. 

3 Ricardo Lopez

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    In 2001 “El Finito” became only the third boxing champion to retire undefeated, he dominated the Straw-weight division unifying the WBC, WBO & WBA belts, His record of 26 consecutive title bouts without a loss is matched only by Joe Louis.


    Random fact, Lopez son now boxes and like his father is so far undefeated as a professional

2 Salvador Sanchez

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    Sanchez started his professional career at just 16 and went on to win an incredible 44 fights out of 46, before having a fatal car accident at the young age of 23, in 1981 he was named alongside Sugar Ray Leonard as Ring Magazines fighter of the year, 10 years after his death his name was inducted into Boxings Hall Of Fame.


    Random fact, Salvador Sanchez Vs Jorge Garcia was HBOs first ever televised bout between 2 featherweights

1 Julio Cesar Chavez

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    You will have a lot of difficulty finding a list compiled of Mexican fighters which doesn’t have Julio Cesar Chavez placed at number 1.


    A six time world champion over three weight divisions, between 1980 and 2005 Julio won 107 fights, 86 by Knockout. Many view his 1990 bout with Meldrick Taylor as the greatest fight of all-time, Chavez sons, Omar and Julio Jr box today, both are undefeated.  


    Random fact, At 27 to celebrate his win over Edwin “Chapo” Rosario, Julio Cesar Chavez had his first ever alcoholic drink, Chavez recently described this as the biggest mistake of his life and the beginning of his Alcohol and drug addiction problems, from which he is now clean.