What you might not have seen in the Chiefs vs Dolphins game

Chad HoganCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Wow that was a hard game for the Kansas City Chiefs. Its never good to lose to a team in the pre-season that went 1-15 last season. The thing is the Kansas City Chiefs were a hurting team that night.

I'll name the players that were hurt last night for the Chiefs.

LT: Branden Albert

RT: Damion McIntosh

WR: Will Franklin

RB: Jamaal Charles

TE: Brad Cottam

WR: Maurice Price

WR: Kevin Robinson

DT/LE: Alfonso Boone

RE: Brian Johnston

CB: Tyron Brackenridge

LOLB: Donnie Edwards

MLB: Napoleon Harris

LOLB: Demorrio Williams

FS: Jon McGraw

TE: Michael Merritt

I count 15 players right there and I think I might be missing a few that didn't play in that game. Most of those players are either starters or contribute in the game.

Now do you see that I named the starting LOLB Donnie Edwards, the 2nd string LOLB Demorrio Williams, and MLB Napoleon Harris?

Well look who is on the O-line of Miami on the LT position, Jake Long the Number 1 overall draft pick in this years draft.

Now look at who is running the ball, Ricky Williams.

Now with 3rd string line backers in on the left side and in the middle playing against Miami's 1st string O-line where do you think Ricky Williams will run?

The left side maybe?

Well if you guessed left then your right because the Dolphins leaned left A LOT that night!

ROOKIE MISTAKES: You know there will be rookie mistakes with all the rookies on the Chiefs squad every game but when its in a game like Chiefs vs Dolphins then it looks even worse. Dantrell Savage made a rookie mistake, he caught a kick off and stepped a toe out of bounds on the 2 yard line. Don't get me wrong I love love love Savage and I still think and want him to beat out Sams in the return game but that was a bad rookie mistake but it was also his first.

Special Teams: With a lot of Special Teams kids hurt then its scary to kick off a ball or punt a ball. The Dolphins returned a punt because of a high snap and blown coverage.

The White and Black: I never like to blame anything on the 3rd team on the field but what happened? Only one call made me real mad and it went something like this. There was holding called on the Dolphins during a punt and 10 yards was added onto Savage's return which would have made it to be at about the 45 yard line of the Chiefs, then it went to commercials. When the commercials were over I saw that the Chiefs were on their own 10 yard line. Now I know what I heard and so did 3 other people in the room and it was a penalty on Miami. How do the refs blow such a call like that? That drive ended up Huard throwing a pick deep in the Chiefs territory and it ended up with points for the Dolphins.

Players I think need to be cut: Bobby Sippio messed up again. Last game he tipped a ball up into the air that was picked and he dropped a pass for a 1st down that hit him right on the hands. This game he dropped another ball that my little brother could have caught. I'm sick of Sippio. I don't care for B.J. Sams either and I think Savage and if Robinson returns soon will be good for the return team. I see no need for Sams.

Good things: Yes its hard to believe but good things did come out of this game even though it wasn't many. Its mainly the secondary that did good but I like the Chiefs draft picks, Flowers and Carr. Flowers has impressed me to the point where I think im going to pee myself and Carr showed up last game with an int. Flowers controlled Boldin and Fitzgerald, and just showed us he can read and stop the run also. So happy with the secondary.

The last thing I want to point out is the Chiefs need to figure out whats going on with not scoring in the red zone.

I know the O-line was hurt but you have to score no matter what when you have a back like Larry Johnson and your on the 1 yard line.


Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments!


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