WWE Free Agency: Five Free Agents Who Could Bring Some Spark To WWE

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

WWE Free Agency: Five Free Agents Who Could Bring Some Spark To WWE

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    Having heard a bunch of stuff lately about MLB free agency and who will go where got me to think about WWE. Are there any free agents out there that could possibly help out WWE?

    I have found a few possibilities of free agents that could be picked up to bring some life back to WWE.

    Now when I say bring some life I am not implying that I believe the WWE is weak right now. I am simply saying that these guys could help out different parts of WWE. Not just wrestling.

    So let's see who is on the list. A few of these may shock you.

Kevin Nash

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    Kevin Nash left TNA after failing to agree on a contract and has become a free agent.

    Now there have been a few speculations about how Nash wants to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania and possibly due to recent Twitter comments wants in the Royal Rumble.

    Nash is 51 years old and as much as I like the guy, I don't believe he could put on a five-star match with the Deadman in his last hoorah.

    There is one place in WWE I do feel he could be good at.

    The new Raw GM. If WWE doesn't have a GM already, he would be a perfect fit for this spot. He has all the essential requirements for a GM.

    He also brings out something in a GM that has not been seen in a while in the ability to not be intimidated from fellow wrestlers as kind of a "fearless GM" type of gimmick.

    If he was brought in and made the GM he would be best suited as a Eric Bischoff GM which would also be good as a face or heel.

Mike Knox

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    Yes, Mike Knox. Knox was actually a decent competitor that I feel was in the same boat as Shelton Benjamin. (NOTE: I am not comparing Shelton to Knox, just saying that he too was underutilized).

    Knox had a mediocre career with WWE but still made himself known. Most of the end of his WWE tenure was spent putting over newer guys.

    I feel if given a proper role he could become a force in WWE.

    Possibly a feud with the Big Show or Ezekiel Jackson would help out.


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    HEIDENREICH! HEIDENREICH! How awesome was that entrance theme? Ok so Heidenreich was at his best with the psychotic gimmick.

    I can't see that particular one going in the WWE right now, if it went to TV-14 I could.

    He is currently 41 years old but still works various promotions and can still work.

     I put him on here because I had an idea for him that would be a great fit for him in the PG era.

    As Orlando Jordan was with JBL, Heidenreich could be with Alberto Del Rio.

    The powerful bodyguard is something I can see Del Rio having near him. Since he says a lot of times to wrestlers, "Another place, another time."

    If he had a bodyguard it would go along well with his gimmick as well as giving Heidenreich a gimmick for this time in wrestling. 

World's Greatest Tag Team

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    Ok so not that they would do it, because they have voiced what they think about WWE.

    Anyway the name says it all. These guys could do so much for this destroyed division.

    They are a dominant tag team where ever they go. Both of these guys are excellent technical wrestlers with pretty much every skill needed in a tag team.

    So I made this one kind of short because from articles that I have read most of you know why the WGTT is good and can always help the business they are in.

Paul Heyman

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    Paul Heyman is pretty much golden at everything he does. From ECW to Brock Lesnar he has taken everything he had straight to the top.

    There are many ways he could be used in the WWE. GM, announcer, manager. Heyman is the definition of the full package in the wrestling business (minus the wrestling, of course).

    The GM spot would be great as a heel or face because he brings such a confidence that would nail the GM opening on the head.

    As an announcer he has already shown what he can do there as well as a manager that would be great with the majority of the wrestlers in WWE today.