Kobe Bryant Solidifies Himself As The Best Basketball Player In The World

Burger KingCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Ten-time NBA All Star.  Eight-time All-Defensive Team Selection.  Ten-time All-NBA Selection.  Three-time NBA Champion.  Two NBA Scoring Titles.  

The list goes on and on of all the awards and achievements Kobe Bryant has reached in his 12-year NBA career out of high school.  Now there's one more thing that he can add to his collection: A gold medal.  

What more can Kobe Bryant do to get even better from what he is now with three championship rings, an MVP trophy, and a gold medal?

There's no doubt about it, Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player right now.  

Yes, it is arguable that LeBron could be up there, but he does not measure to the level of greatness Kobe Bryant is at right now.  

The way Bryant can take over and change the game is just unbelievable, just as he did in the Olympic gold medal game against Spain.  

The game was getting close and Spain was creeping back into it.  Although USA played an amazing game of "team basketball," in the end it was Kobe who got the ball most the time.  

After hitting a three in a Spain defender's face and getting fouled he put his finger on lip and silenced all the believers that Spain had a chance.  It was almost like he was silencing the basketball world and showing why he is the best player in the game right now.  

With the way Kobe Bryant has dominated for so many years, and now that he is a world champion, it is almost impossible for people not to make the comparison to Michael Jordan now.  

How could someone not compare them? There both about 6 foot 6 inches, both have won multiple championships, and both play the shooting guard position.  Even now Kobe is still nothing close to MJ, but to be honest no one probably will ever come to close to being a Michael Jordan.  

But that does not take away anything from Bryant.  Because he might, just might, be the closest thing to the next Michael Jordan ,but at the same time he is nowhere near what Jordan did to the game of basketball. Just being compared to Jordan should feel like one of the greatest accomplishments for Bryant.  

Another thing Kobe has to separate him from the other players in the league right now is his will to win.  

He will do anything he can to win.  It even dates back to his career at Lower Merion high school.  His teammates remember that during practice, if someone would beat him off a move, at the end of practice Kobe would not let that guy leave until he tried to do the same move on him again.  

Out of the many things a younger player can model after Kobe to go far in basketball, the best thing would probably be his hunger and will to win everything he can.

Kobe's will to win has showed multiple times throughout his career.  Kobe has become the third player to score 20,000 points under the age of thirty.  And the two others who also have done this are Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.  

Kobe Bryant also has the second-most points ever scored in a game (81 against the Raptors), and that is also behind Wilt Chamberlain.  Bryant also holds the record for youngest player to score 15,000 points, youngest player to win a slam dunk contest, and youngest player to start a game at 18 years and 158 days.  As you can see age has not held Bryant back from pursuing his dreams.

And dreams are what got Bryant to where he is now.  Yes, he is blessed with unbelievable athleticism and strength. But he had to work to get to who he is now.  

You get a lot expected of you when you are a Mcdonald's All-American and a National High School Basketball Player of the year, and Kobe Bryant didn't let anyone down.

Philadelphia born and Los Angeles made, Bryant has become a basketball prodigy.  At only 30, he still has years left to dominate the league and keep showing why he is the best basketball player right now.