Rise: Is 2011 Year of the Mid-Carder?

RiZESenior Writer INovember 3, 2010

I'm turning from the Linda McMahon/Undertaker/Brock Lesnar buzz on the Bleacher Report right now and focusing on a more important subject. With the departures of Jeff Hardy and HBK, I seriously considered cutting off all WWE programming. Being that the two were two of my faves, and WWE's non-attempts at change, they seemed in dire straits to me.

But one thing changed: Sheamus became WWE Champion. But the excitement of someone new rising up the WWE ranks was short-lived. He quickly was established as a paper champion. Typical WWE.

Before long, John Cena was back at the top of the WWE. Batista was on the way out. The WWE was looking just like the year before. No change.

That's when WWE introduced the Nexus. Surprisingly keeping John Cena out of the WWE title picture, but at the same time allowing Sheamus another reign as a "paper" Champion. Nexus was a breath of fresh air, for the first two weeks.

No matter how mediocre the angle turned out to be, Wade Barrett has already established himself as a main eventer.

A fool would notice veterans like Triple H, and the Undertaker are becoming limited inside the ring. Both were out with injuries for the better part of 2010.  Perfect timing for the Younger Superstars to step up. No one, not even me, would've predicted The Miz to win MITB.

As months progressed, he slightly improved in the ring. While I don't think he is Championship material yet, he will be champ in the near future. He is rising above the critics who believed Morrison would be winning World Championships while Miz would be unemployed.

Speaking of Morrison. His 2010 was very rocky, but is looking to turn out better than I thought. A mini-feud with Y2J really did wonders for Morrison. Now it looks like he will be entering a feud with Sheamus.

Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, two of the most prominent stars in the WWE, have bright futures. Their match at Bragging Rights was easily the match of the night. Talent never goes unnoticed.

Personally, I look forward to matches on the Mid Card because of the Main Event's predictability. We should all remember titles are icing on a wrestler's career. Putting on a great match and entertaining the crowd is the goal.

So with 2011 drawing closer and closer, the Mid-Carders have already left their impact in 2010. I look to 2011 as their time to shine. Ratings are slumping, and PPV buyrates are down. John Cena vs Randy Orton just doesn't scream exciting like it use to.

WWE needs to CHANGE. Starting with the REAL talent being used more prominently by management. I'm not oppose to Cena or Orton, but pandering to the kids should stop immediately. Really.