Ring of Honor: Unofficial training ground for the WWE

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Ring of Honor: Unofficial training ground for the WWE

Now I know I will probably get a huge backlash from the Independent Scene wrestling fans on this subject.  But as an engineer, I'm big on numbers and statistics.  As I have stated before, WWE is where they are for one reason: They know talent when they see it and know how to properly market it.  I am currently in business school and through my years in the "real world" as well (it's only been three so I am not quite a know-it-all just yet), I see how difficult it can be to find "value" in a business and groom talent.  This is the reason I respect the WWE so much.  Now, I can tell they are at it again with their here-and-there dipping of the ROH talent.  Already, two of the pioneers of ROH are signed to contracts (CM Punk and Colt Cabana), Bryan Danielson has wrestled dark matches, Brian Kendrick and Paul London have had a great streak although for some weird reason I see the Rockers all over again with Kendrick playing a Shawn Michaels part and London getting about as much ring time as Marty Jannetty did after he went face first through the barber shop window, and now Takeshi Morishima, who may or may not sign.  I would like to see him get a shot because I have heard he has great potential.  Anyways, I could go on with others but the stats are what they are.  I believe if Samoa Joe does sign with WWE and this is a big maybe, I think it could be an ECW all over again.  I have not seen too much of ROH, only what I could through youtube, and let me tell you: excellent organization.  I love the no run-in B.S. and the true wrestling element it brings.  Many people may disagree with me but what WWE has to offer is very tempting and to say that Joe or any other ROH star will never sign with them is pure denial.

I should clarify that it is not my wish for this happen, rather it is just what my instinct is telling me.  Vince McMahon knows competition when he sees it and what does he do with his competition?  He buys it or buries it.  Now this probably won't happen with ROH because they haven't crossed him and they have even discussed successful business deals with him.  I personally would like to see the companies separate.  As anyone else, I don't like eating the same dinner every night and immensely enjoy alternatives.  What do you guys think?  Don't be too harsh :)

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